Guppy Gravid Spot Changing Colors, 5 Reasons Why?

You can notice a triangular-shaped spot under the tail of the guppies located close to the anus. This is also known as a gravid spot.

Within a few weeks of pregnancy, this spot expands and turns darker. This is an indication that she is about to give birth.

It is nothing but a darkened skin of the womb where the baby guppies begin to develop as eggs fertilize. Guppies are livebearers.

This means their eggs are fertilized inside and are not laid outside. You can even notice the eyes of the fry through this spot.

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All About Guppy Gravid Spot Changing Colors

Do you wonder: ” Why did my guppy’s gravid spot become orange? or Why my female guppy has a red belly?” Well, let us bring some clarity on this topic.

The changes in the coloration of gravid spots indicate that the guppy will give birth to young babies. You can notice this dark spot at the backside of her belly under the tail. This is known as a gravid spot.

As the guppy babies start growing, the gravid spot will begin to expand and may also turn darker than before. Initially, the site may be orange or red, but with pregnancy, it turns blackish and gets bloated.

The color of the fish would also begin to fade at this stage. It usually takes several weeks for the gravid spot to become darker and thicker, and only females have a gravid spot.

The breeding process begins when the male guppy begins to chase the female in the tank. Once he gets close to the female guppy, he begins to stretch his gonopodium, which is narrow and a lengthy adaptation to the back passage fin of the male.

After that, he releases the sperm at the back passage vent of the female guppy, which is situated behind the gravid spot.

The female guppy starts getting bulkier and becomes more boxy-shaped at the time of her pregnancy. And she is very close to giving birth to young fry; the gravid spot turns completely black. Even the eyes of the guppy fry can be easily seen through the gravid spot.

However, if you notice no change in the color of the gravid spot, this implies that she is not yet pregnant. But remember to limit the number of males in the tank as they can be aggressive and frustrate the females during their pregnancy.

Why Is My Guppy’s Gravid Spot Red?

What does it mean when you notice a red gravid spot on the guppy or when the gravid spot on the guppy is orange? Well, a change in color shows signs of pregnancy in the guppies.

A gravid spot can be seen at the rear side of the guppy’s belly just below her tail. This spot is only found in females.

Usually, the site remains orange or a little dark at the beginning. Still, once the guppies reach the age of maturity and the breeding process begins, the appearance of this spot starts to change gradually.

When the female guppy gets close to the stage of pregnancy, this gravid spot starts becoming darker or reddish and begins to expand. Also, the belly of the guppy starts growing and becomes square-shaped.

It may also become completely black at the final stages of pregnancy. This would give you an indication that it is time to separate the female guppy from other tank mates and keep her in a different breeding tank (because females get stressed at the time of pregnancy and need a safe environment to give birth). Also, you can look at the eyes of the baby guppy fry through the gravid spot.

All About Gravid Spot On Guppy

all about gravid spot on guppy
all about gravid spot on guppy

How do you know if the female guppy is pregnant? The signs of pregnancy can be noticed through a sudden change in the female guppy’s behavior and coloration. You may notice that the belly of the guppies expands and appears like a box.

Other than that, she may become more inactive and can be seen settling down at the bottom of the fish tank. Loss of appetite is another indication that she is pregnant.

But the most crucial factor that helps you determine whether the female guppy is pregnant or not is by looking at her gravid spot. This is a triangular-shaped dark spot located at the backside of her belly, just under the tail.

At pregnancy, this gravid spot may become darker and expand a bit. It may also change its color and turn red. Her colors may also fade.

This gravid spot turns entirely black when the female guppy is very close to giving birth. You can also notice the eyes of the guppy fry through the semi-transparent skin of the gravid spot. Once you get assured that the female guppy is pregnant, you must place it in a separate breeding tank.

Keeping the female guppy with other tank mates can be risky when giving birth. This is because the stress levels in pregnant guppies are usually high, and they need a calm place to give birth where they will not get disturbed.

Hence it is crucial to separate them and place them in a separate tank; otherwise, higher stress levels can even cause the death of the pregnant guppy. Also, keeping them in the same tank can be risky for the guppy fry as other fishes can attempt to attack and feed on the baby guppies.

Do All Guppies Have A Gravid Spot? 

The gravid spot can only be found in the female guppies, and males do not have any gravid sites. These spots are situated at the rear side of the female guppy’s stomach below her tail. It usually turns darker or wholly black and expands during pregnancy in female guppies.

Do All Female Guppies Have Gravid Spots?

Yes, gravid spots can be found in every female guppy. These spots play a significant role in determining whether the female guppy is about to give birth or not.

They usually become bigger and blackish at the time of pregnancy, and the eyes of the guppy fry can be seen through these spots.

Can Male Guppies Have A Gravid Spot?

No, male guppies do not have a gravid spot. This spot can only be seen in female guppies. You can even notice a change in its appearance and color when the female is pregnant and about to give birth to the guppy fry. (It turns darker and grows thicker during pregnancy).

About Guppy Gravid Spot After Birth

Many factors can determine the pregnancy of a female guppy. The colors of the female guppy get dull, and she may become more inactive at the time of pregnancy. Her stomach expands and contracts a boxy appearance.

Also, there are specific changes in her behavior, such as getting more aggressive or settling down at the bottom of the tank.

You may also notice a loss of appetite in them during their pregnancy. But it is the female guppy’s gravid spot that gives a more prominent indication of pregnancy.

This gravid spot usually expands and becomes darker when the pregnant guppy gives birth to young babies. The gravid spot does not disappear after giving birth to the young fry, and it becomes smaller than before, but there might not be any significant change in its color (it remains darker).

This is because there is a high chance that she will give birth once again soon. Understanding the breeding process in guppies is extremely important as female guppies’ lives, and the guppy fry can be at risk if you do not take the necessary steps and separate the mother guppy in a different breeding tank at the time of giving birth.

About Guppy Gravid Spot Before Birth

about guppy gravid spot before birth
about guppy gravid spot before birth

A female guppy’s gravid spot can be a good indicator of her pregnancy. Though there can be many other symptoms determining the pregnancy of a female guppy, such as the expansion of the belly, getting aggressive, lack of activity, or loss of appetite, it is the gravid spot that gives the most prominent indication of pregnancy.

This gravid spot begins to turn darker and gets thicker before the birth of guppy fry, and it may also become utterly black before the birth-giving process begins. You may also notice the tiny black eyes of the guppy fry through the transparent skin of these spots.

When has Will Been My Pregnant Guppy Gravid Spot Gone?

If you think that the gravid spot in female guppies will disappear after the young fry is born, you may be wrong. The gravid spots in female guppies never disappear. However, these spots may get smaller and lighter after the baby guppies are born, but they do not disappear.

What To Do To Make Guppy Gravid Spot Lighter?

The gravid spot of a female guppy can tell a lot about her pregnancy. It is usually situated at the rear portion of the stomach just below the tail. When the female guppy is about to give birth to a young baby, her gravid spot turns dark and more prominent. It may even turn black.

But after the babies are born, this spot may get smaller and lighter. You do not have to do anything to change its color or make it lighter. And note that the gravid spot never disappears, and it just changes its size and coloration before and after the birth-giving process.


The gravid spot gives a clear indication of a female guppy’s pregnancy. These triangular-shaped spots are only seen in female guppies at the rear end of the belly, and it starts becoming darker and often increase in size when giving birth.

You can even notice the tiny eyes of the baby guppies through the gravid spot. You may also see a change in its coloration from orange to red.

Once you notice a difference in the size and color of the gravid spot, you need to immediately separate the female guppies from other fish mates and keep them in a separate tank.

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