Guppy Fish Compatibility: Can Guppies Live With Other Fish?

One of the widely kept and widespread species of freshwater aquarium fish is guppies. Guppies are very popular and have been supported by almost all aquarists. In this article, we are going to talk about what other fish can live with guppies.

Guppies tend to be native to South America and are nearly found in every country. It’s a great starter fish for beginners because of its low cost. 

Adding to that, Guppies are low-maintenance pets as well. Here we will discuss the fish compatibility with other fish and know what will happen if you keep other fish In the guppies tank. 

We already know that the fish tends to be smaller in size but comes in fancy colorful fins. Just like many other freshwater fish, guppies can live with other fish as a tank mate too.

Being a community fish, guppies can live with many other fishes. Let’s learn the best guppies tankmates.

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Can Guppies Live With Other Fish?

can guppies live with other fish
can guppies live with other fish?

Being a community fish, guppies can live with many other fishes, making them a great contender for the community aquarium. Guppies are friendly and compatible with many other freshwater species. 

When we think of keeping different species in the same aquarium, compatibility with the primary pet is necessary. 

If you are looking to house different species with guppies, then this is what you need to know when deciding which fish is suitable to be kept as guppy tank mates.

Guppy Fish Compatibility

  • Cory Catfish
  • Honey Gouramis
  • Swordtails
  • Platies
  • Harlequin Rasboras
  • Bristlenose Pleco
  • Cardinal Tetra
  • Otocinclus Catfish
  • Kuhli Loach
  • Nerite Snails
  • African Dwarf Frog
  • Siamese Algae Eater
  • Danios

What Fish Can Live With Guppy?

what fish can live with guppy
what fish can live with guppy?

Much freshwater fish can live with guppies, but the comforts of being a tank mate should be considered. A guppy should not be exposed to a fish that can injure them or stress them. 

Any stress in guppies will result in severe consequences on their health. When you prefer fish to keep in the similar water conditions where guppies thrive, here is what you need to consider first.

5 Factors When choosing the best guppies tank mates.

  • The Tank mate fish should do well in the same water parameters and conditions that guppies prefer.
  • The fish that you are choosing should have easy to control behavioral issues.
  • Always choose a peaceful fish that is not known to have territorial or behavioral issues.
  • Tank Mate fish that you choose to keep with guppies should be the same size. Keeping larger fish with guppies will result in predation.
  • The tankmates should prefer the same food the guppies feed on.

The fish that you are going to keep with guppies should never put their lives in danger. If any fish looks predating on guppies, it should be dismissed as a potential tankmate.

Can Guppies Live With Bettas?

Some varieties of Betta fish can live with guppies. It is understandable why few bettas are not compatible with guppies. Its semi-aggressiveness makes them something that guppies will not tolerate well. 

Even the guppies and the bettas are not perfect tankmates; some species can be strictly kept along. Species like delta Betta fish and Halfmoon Betta fish do great with guppies. Both can live peacefully in the same aquarium while enhancing the tank environment and look. 

When you choose betta varieties, make sure that their aggressiveness is controlled and don’t have any behavioral issues. 

At first, you should limit the number of Betta fish you put inside the Tank to see any aggressiveness or fight. It’s a great way to start with one Betta fish to see how it goes when keeping them with guppies.

Can Guppies Live With Mollies

Being small in size, mollies are considered the best tank mates for guppies. They can live and survive both in Saltwater and freshwater environment. Plus, Just like guppies, mollies also are a livebearing species.

This also means that they can also reproduce quickly at home (perfect for breeding). Mollies are considered beginner-friendly and tend to remain pretty small in size. 

Guppies and mollies live in the same type of aquarium and even in the same Tank without any issue. When it comes to best guppies tank mates, mollies are a great choice.

Can Guppies Live With Zebra Danios

Zebra danios and guppies can live together if looked at properly. Zebra danios being small in size, they can get along with any guppy species. Housing both of them peacefully in the same Tank won’t have any problem. 

Adding Zebra danios in the guppies tank will add more beauty. It will not be so challenging to identify and differentiate both species. 

Danios tend to be famous for their distinguished horizontal stripes pattern, whereas guppies are known for their multicolor facet. 

Both species prefer the same water and environmental conditions, making them suitable to be kept peacefully at the same aquarium. However, it is much to take close, and tension Bank considers building them together. 

Guppies tend to give birth to live fry, Whereas Zebra Daniels gives birth to an egg. Both also have the same habit of eating their egg/fry. 

So, when it comes to breeding, both should be kept apart. Guppies and Zebra danios can join each other when it comes to eating their eggs and fry.

Can Guppies Live With Clownfish

Being saltwater fish, clownfish will not be able to be kept in a freshwater tank. Clownfish cannot also be marked with guppies. Saltwater fish like Damselfish and Clownfish cannot survive in freshwater.

Can Guppies Live With Goldfish

Yes, guppy fish can live along with goldfish, but with keen monitoring. Guppies and goldfish as tankmates that can’t be left alone all the time in the same Tank. 

It is essential to regulate the Tank and the water conditions perfectly; otherwise, something terrible could happen. Although guppies and goldfish can live together in the same Tank, any more giant goldfish can prey on smaller guppies. 

Goldfish are known for their peaceful nature, but still, you need to pay close attention & take precautions on various types of goldfish you choose to keep with guppies.

Can Guppies Live With Tetras

There are many varieties of tetras that can be kept with guppies as a tank mate. Tetras make the best choice, but they need to be held in groups due to schooling fish. 

This is why I would prefer you to have a large tank than you would have for guppies. Varieties like Rummy nose Tetra, lemon Tetra, penguin tetras, rosy tetras, and many others make good companionship for guppies.

The only caveat you need to pay attention to is that tetras can eat fries. So, guppies should never breed in the tetra’s Tank. Other than that, creating lots of hiding places will help fry to elude hungry Tetris.

Can Guppies Live With Gouramis

Gouramis and guppies can live in the same Tank as they get along very easily and quickly. However, gouramis need more care compared to guppy being as tankmates. 

It is a must to have hidings and shade places for gouramis to thrive. Gouramis tend to be very friendly, which is why it is always recommended to keep them in 4- 

Six groups.

Gouramis are not perfect for a bowl or smaller tanks. So if you are considering keeping them with guppies in the same Tank, pay close attention to the space left inside it. 

Being in the same Tank, gouramis, and guppies, both should have enough space and hiding to thrive.

Hence, if you consider two to keep gouramis as tank mates for guppies, getting honey gouramis will be better. As long as you are willing to keep up with both species’ care needs, they are fun to keep and add significant life to any aquarium they inhabit.

Can Guppies Live With Tiger Barb

Guppies and tiger barbs should never be kept together in the same Tank at all costs. Keeping them together can result in many injuries to their tankmates. Injuries from fin nippers can cause deadly infections that are difficult to treat and even death.

Can Guppies Live With Angelfish

Small angelfish can always be kept with guppies as long as their size remains the same. A large angelfish can see guppies as easy prey at any moment. 

So, despite being good tank mates when young, angelfish don’t make the best tank mates for guppies.

Many forums have people discussing how they successfully kept angelfish and guppies together, which is never recommended. 

Despite success in keeping them together, there is always a chance of your guppies going missing.

Can Guppies Live With Koi Fish

Guppy fish are tiny in front of koi fish. Being only 2.5 inches long in size, guppies are pretty easy prey for koi. It is never recommended to keep guppies with koi. Otherwise, it can become easy snacks.

Can Guppies Live With Parrot Fish

Guppies should never be kept with parrot fish because they can be quickly eaten or. According to a site, when guppies and platies were held together with a parrot cichlid, the observation stated that they were often bullied and occasionally eaten.

Can Guppies Live With Rainbow Fish

Guppies can live with many beautiful rainbow freshwater fishes as they make good tank mates. Being a schooling fish, rainbow fish will outnumber and outgrow guppies quickly. 

They need a large tank with enough space for hiding, plants, and food. It is always recommended to keep rainbow fish and guppies together in at least 50-gallon tanks.

Can Guppies Live With Janitor Fish

Being a community fish, Janitor fish can be kept with guppies as long as they reach a maximum of 2 inches at maturity. Being a fast swimmer, you must keep an eye from time to time. Your guppies can be nippy from time to time. 

They are excellent scavengers of freshwater aquariums with an insatiable appetite for algae. They’re not very difficult to keep, but they need proper water conditions. 

They are sensitive to water conditions, and even a slight change can impact their health. Other than guppies, Janitor fish can be kept with cory catfish and red cherry shrimp.

Can Guppies Live With Tropical Fish

Yes, being a good contender for tropical fish, guppies can live with other tropical fish as a community. They’re very friendly and compatible in community aquariums with many other fish species.

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