11 Best Orange Guppy Breeds, Prices, and More

Orange guppies are some of the most well-known guppy varieties. These guppies are readily available and are very easy to maintain, and they can surely be the center of attraction of your tank.

These are artificial variants and are developed through careful and selective breeding. These guppies boast a prominent orange coloration on their bodies, giving them a distinct and attractive look.

They have a gestation period of about 28 days. These guppies eat the common food guppies usually eat (such as high-quality pellets, frozen foods, and freeze-dried meals). Females only have orange pigments on their tails and posterior side.

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11 Best Orange Guppy Breeds & Names

11 best orange guppy breeds & names
11 best orange guppy breeds & names
  • Orange Tail Guppy
  • Black And Orange Guppy
  • Orange Tuxedo Guppy
  • Orange Cobra Guppy
  • Orange Flame Guppy
  • Blue And Orange Guppy
  • Orange Sunshine Guppy
  • Orange And White Guppy
  • Orange Lace Guppy
  • Orange Endler Guppy
  • Albino Orange Guppy

All About Orange Guppy Price & Appearance

all about orange guppy price & appearance
all about orange guppy price & appearance

Orange Tail Guppy

Orange Tail guppies are extremely colorful guppy strains that can easily acquire the attention of hobbyists. These guppies have bright orange-colored tails that look distinct and unique in every way.

Males are smaller and can attain a maximum size of 2.5 inches, and they are also more brightly colored than females. These guppies are hardy and friendly. A pair of orange tail guppies can be purchased for $1 from indiamart.com.

Black And Orange Guppy

Black and orange guppies are carefully bred guppy strains that look beautiful in the freshwater tanks. Half of their bodies have a bright orange color, whereas the other half is black.

They also have a beautiful orange-colored tail fin. These guppies can be found settling on the upper part of the aquarium. They are quite easy to maintain, making them ideal for beginners. They cost $2 per pair on indiamart.com.

Orange Tuxedo Guppy

Orange Tuxedo guppies are widely popular for their colors and elegance. These guppy breeds boast a vivid and bright orange coloration on their upper bodies, with shades of black on the lower bodies.

They are known to lift the beauty of the tank. These guppy breeds are calm and can adapt to various tank water conditions. Buying a pair of these guppies can cost you up to $5 on sites like aquariumfishindia.com.

Orange Cobra Guppy

Orange cobra guppies are beautifully-colored and vibrant guppy varieties that are getting very popular. These guppy variants have a vivid orange-colored body with stunning cobra-like patterns all over their bodies.

Their appearance can not be ignored and can easily attract the attention of new aquarists, and they are fairly easy to maintain and breed. A pair of orange cobra guppies can be purchased for a cost of $3 on himadriaquatics.com.

Orange Flame Guppy

Orange flame guppies are another very distinct and beautiful guppy strain that gets a lot of attention. These guppy breeds feature a bright orange coloration on their tail fins which looks flame-like and eye-catching.

Males are smaller and much brighter than females. But females of this breed also look colorful and vibrant. A pair of orange flame guppies can be bought online for a minimum price of $4 on dumbocart.com.

Blue And Orange Guppy

Blue and orange guppies can stun you with their looks and colors. These guppy breeds look gorgeous with a bright blue color on their bodies and vivid orange-colored tail fins.

This color combination is rarely seen in other guppy variants, making them stand out. They are calm and hardy breeds. A pair of blue and orange guppies can cost you a price of $4 on sites like indiamart.com.

Orange Sunshine Guppy

Orange sunshine guppies are small and colorful guppy breeds that make the aquarium more classy with their presence. They usually have a brightly-colored orange tail fin on a greenish-blue base color, and males are smaller and can not grow more than 2.5 inches.

Also, they get a lot of encouragement from various hobbyists for their unique and stunning appearance. You can purchase a pair of orange sunshine guppies for $3 on indiamart.com.

Orange And White Guppy

Orange and white guppies result from many years of selective breeding and are very elegant guppy strains. These guppies have a white coloration on their bodies with shades of punchy orange on their tail fins and lower sides of the body.

They can be found inhabiting the top side of the aquarium and are usually peaceful. A pair of orange and white guppies can cost up to $2 on indiamart.com.

Orange Lace Guppy

Orange lace guppies will never disappoint you in terms of elegance and color. These guppy breeds are small and have beautiful orange-colored lace-like patterns all over their bodies.

They can be kept with other fish species because of their friendly temperament, and they are also very easy to maintain and ideal for beginners. A pair of orange lace guppies can be bought for a minimum price of $3 on indiamart.com.

Orange Endler Guppy

Orange Endler guppies are one-of-a-kind guppy variants meant to catch people’s attention. These guppy breeds look very beautiful and can be kept in nano aquariums due to their small size.

The bright orange coloration makes them highly demanding and stunning, and they are also hardy and adaptable to various tank water parameters. Buying a pair of Orange Endler guppies can cost up to $2 on sites like bunnycart.com.

Albino Orange Guppy

Albino orange guppies are newer color strains of common guppies that are gaining popularity. These vibrant and stunning guppies feature a solid orange coloration that looks vivid and covers the entire body and fins.

Although males look more colorful and vibrant, females of these guppy strains also look elegant and attractive. You can purchase a pair of albino orange guppies for a cost of $2 from sites like indiamart.com.

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