About me

Welcome to my Site! Since you are on this page, probably you are also a guppy lover like I am,

My name is Mike, I’m a guppy fish enthusiast since I was 8 years old.

Long back, My grandfather gifted me a small aquarium with 3 adults (2 Females and 1 Male) and 4 fries.

It was love at first sight, back-then I had a photograph of it, but its lost somewhere,Sorry for that

Amphibians and fishes are my favorites. I used to watch a lot of documentaries about them.

After retiring from work, I offered some articles, info-graphics and easy writings to school kids,

To my surprise, Not only kids but their teachers and parents admired me for my work.

So, I finally started this website to enlighten a wider audience around the world.

Here I share my knowledge and experience of over 25 years of fish-keeping guppies in particular.

This site is mostly for beginners, but some content might also be useful for expert fish keepers and hobbyists.

I have tried my level best to write the content in the simplest way possible, that even kids can understand.

I really hope that my articles are useful, and resolve your basic queries about guppy fish keeping.

If you still have any doubts or any unresolved thoughts or any advise I am all ears,

feel free to message me and I will gladly revert back and help if I can.

Cheers Amigos,

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