Can Snails live with Guppies? (Which ones and which don’t)

Can Snails live with Guppies? Some people believe that guppies and snails cannot live together because of their different swimming speeds. However, recent research has shown that this is not the case. In fact, guppies and snails can coexist quite peacefully when the right conditions are in place. So if you’re considering adding a snail to your fish tank, be sure to read up on their specific needs first!

Guppies and Snails – Can They Live Together? The simple answer is Yes some snails and guppies can.

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How Do Guppies Interact With Snails?

Snails and guppies are often kept together in fish tanks, as they both enjoy a good swimming environment. Although guppies may view snails as pests, they usually get along fine. In fact, sometimes guppies will help feed the snail by taking food off of its tongue.

What Is The Difference Between A Snail And Guppy?

Snails and guppies belong to different classes of aquatic animals. A snail is an aquatic gastropod, while a guppy is a freshwater fish. There are many ways to tell the difference between a snail and a guppy, but the easiest way is to look at their body shape.

A snail has a thin, elongated body with a pointed snout. Guppies have a more rounded body and a protrusion on their heads called a “gill opening”.

Another way to tell the difference between a snail and a guppy is by their behavior. Snails are slow-moving and tend to curl up when disturbed, while guppies are more active and swim quickly around.

Overall, the easiest way to tell the difference between a snail and a guppy is to look at their body shape and behavior.

Choosing a Snail as a Guppy Tankmate

Choosing a snail as a guppy tankmate can be a fun and easy way to add some excitement and variety to your fish tank.

Snails are very active creatures that will keep your guppies entertained with their darting movements.

Plus, they consume a lot of beneficial microorganisms that can help your tank function properly.

Just be sure to monitor your guppies closely to make sure they don’t get too close to the snail’s shell, as they may be able to lick it clean.

Best Snails To Keep With Guppies

Snails and guppies make a great pair because they both enjoy the same types of aquatic environments. Guppies are natural scavengers, so they will eat any kind of food that falls into their water bowl.

Snails, on the other hand, prey on freshwater invertebrates. This means that a snail and guppy tank will have plenty of variety in their diet. Additionally, both creatures are easy to care for and require very low maintenance.

5 Best Snails To Keep With Guppies

Nerite Snails With Supplies

Can you keep nerite snails with guppies?Nerite snails and guppies make a great pair. Guppies like to hide in the snail’s shell, and the snails eat small fish and other aquatic invertebrates.

The two species are not likely to cross-breed, but they can live together in close quarters if their boundaries are maintained.

1. Provide some shelter for the snails by placing them in a plastic container or small rock crevice.

2. Add a few inches of water to the tank and set up the guppies.

3. Watch the snails and guppies closely and make sure they are getting enough food and water.

spotted nerite snail (Neritina natalensis) eating on a rock in a fish tank

Turtle Snails (Septaria Porcellana)

Do Turtle Snails Get Along With Guppies? Turtle Snails and Guppies get along well when kept in an aquarium with plenty of hiding spots.

Guppies like to eat the snail’s food, so the two should get along fine.

However, if one of the animals becomes aggressive, it is best to separate them.

Septaria Porcellana

Can you keep Turtle Snails with guppies?

Spike-Topped Apple Snails With Guppies

If you’re thinking of adding snails to your fish tank, make sure they get along. Apple snails and guppies are two species of fish that can live together peacefully provided there’s enough room for them all.

Apple snails are native to Europe and North America, but they’re popular in the aquarium trade because they’re easy to care for and very active feeders.

They can grow to be about two inches long and have a spike on their top that makes them look like apples. Guppies are tropical fish that come from South America, Africa, and Asia. They can be as small as a penny or as large as two feet long and have colorful markings on their bodies.

The best way to introduce these two species is to put them into an established tank with plenty of space. Apple snails will eat mostly algae, so it’s important to provide them with lots of this stuff in their new home. Guppies should be kept at the bottom of the tank where they can hide from predators.

Overall, these two fish are peaceful and will get along fine provided there’s enough room for them all.

Can you keep spike-topped snails with guppies?

Assassin Snails With Guppies

Snails are often considered pests because of their ability to quickly damage plants, but in some cases, these snails can be beneficial.

One example of a beneficial snail is the assassin snail. These snails are native to North America and they are known for their ability to eat other small animals, such as Guppies.

Guppies are not typically a desirable prey item for assassin snails, but these snails have evolved specific ways of hunting and eating Guppies.

First, the assassin snail will wait until the Guppies are close to the surface of the water. Once they are in range, the snail will use its sharp teeth to bite into the Guppy’s flesh.

The assassin snail then uses its powerful tentacles to quickly drag the Guppy underwater where it can eat it alive.

Assassin snails, for example, eat other small creatures such as guppies and minnows. Guppies and minnows typically eat plant matter and can damage aquatic plants, so having Assassin snails around can be a good thing.

In the background of the picture you see an Anatome Helena Snail, also known as the Assassin Snail

Can you keep assassin snails with guppies?

Mystery Snails With Guppies

The mystery snail is not a common inhabitant of freshwater tanks, but it has been seen living with guppies in captivity.

These snails are about an inch long and have a shell that is shaped like a half-shell. They have short, stubby legs and a wide body that is covered in tiny bumps.

They feed on algae, so they are likely to be beneficial to the Guppy’s tank environment. While they may not bother the guppies directly, they will help to clean up plant debris and provide food for other fish in the tank.

Translucent snail in the sunlight. Sun rays pass through the mystery snail

Snails to Avoid with Guppies

Can All snails live with guppies? What type of snail should you avoid with your guppy aquarium?

The short answer is no, guppies and all types of snails do not mix well in an aquarium setting. If you have a species of snail that likes to eat insects, then it may be okay to keep them in the aquarium as part of the biofilter. However, most snails will not eat guppies, so there is little reason to keep them around.

If you are unsure which snail is safe for your guppy aquarium, it is best to consult with a professional aquarist or get a fish encyclopedia or fish care guide.

Avoid Pond Snails With Guppies

If you have a pond with fish, beware of the pond snail! These snails are common in ponds and can be a problem because they can eat your fish.

One way to keep them from eating your fish is to keep them from being able to reach the fish.

You can do this by installing a fence around the pond or by using floating plants to block off sections of the pond.

Underwater snail

Pond snails are excellent aquarium scavengers but they can quickly overpopulate.

They’re also very small at just 1/4″, allowing them to hide in your decorations, plants, and gravel.

Avoid Ramshorn Snails With Guppies

Snails and Guppies make an unlikely but natural pair. Both creatures need live plants and clean water to survive, so they can get along just fine. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when keeping these two lives together.

The first is that Ramshorn snails are fast and agile, while guppies are slow-moving. This means that if you have a snail living with your guppies, be sure to keep your snail safe from predators by using a fence or some other barrier.

Another potential issue is the way both creatures excrete waste. Guppies produce nitrogenous waste which can be toxic to snails if it’s ingested in large quantities. So be sure to keep an eye on your guppies and their snail friends, and make adjustments as needed.

Planorbidae common name the ramshorn snails or ram’s horn snails


Can snails and guppies live together peacefully? The short answer is yes, but it takes some effort. Snails are prey animals, so they naturally have a fear of being eaten.

Guppies, on the other hand, are herbivores that eat plants. So in order for both species to coexist peacefully, the snail needs to learn to be less fearful around the guppy and vice versa.

In addition, both species need to make sure they are getting enough food and water; if one creature is not getting what it needs then the conflict can ensue. Overall though, living harmoniously with another species can be achievable if both creatures work towards it.

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