What to Do With Extra Guppies? (Unwanted Guppy Fry)

There are always unexpected expenses that crop up, and when that happens you might find yourself with a bit of a surplus of guppies. What to do with them? Here are some ideas for incorporating guppies into your everyday life without spending a fortune!

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What to do with guppy babies

As a beginner aquarist, one of the most common questions you’ll get is “What to do with guppy babies?”

There’s no one answer to this question, as there are a variety of ways to care for guppy babies. Some people keep them in a community tank with other fish; others keep them in an individual tank. There’s no right or wrong way to do things, as long as the guppies are happy and healthy.

Here are some tips on how to care for guppy babies:

  • Feed them small meals several times a day; guppies are fast eaters and will quickly grow tired of food that’s too large.
  • Provide them with shelter (a small box or piece of wood can work), and make sure their water is clean and clear. If your guppies are eating flakes or pellets, add some vegetable matter such as algae or peat moss to their diet.
  • Avoid overfeeding your guppies; they’ll become bloated and developmentally stunted if they eat too much.
  • Change the water regularly, especially if your guppies live in a heavily populated tank. Over time, dirty water will cause algae to grow, which can be harmful to your guppies.
  • If your guppies start to swim towards the top of the tank or are displaying signs of distress, it may be time to move them to a new environment.

Handling Unwanted Guppy Fry

Guppies can be a fun addition to your fish tank, but they can also be a nuisance. When you get a few more guppies than you can handle, it can be tough to figure out what to do with them. Here are some tips for handling unwanted guppy fry:

-Put them in a container with plenty of water and some aquatic plants. This will give them some place to swim and hide, and it will provide some food for them.

-You can’t release them, try to find a way to get them out of your tank. You can use a net or a piece of plastic to scoop them up and put them in another container.

-If you can’t get them out, you may have to get rid of them. You can put them in a container with some salt and water, or you can kill them by putting them in a hot pot of water.

Whatever you do, be sure to research guppy care before you get them so you know what to do if they become a nuisance.

What is the Guppy Life Cycle?

Guppies grow very quickly, so it is important to have a plan for how to care for them when they reach a size where they can no longer be kept in a small aquarium.

Guppies are native to tropical climates, so it is best to keep them in one if possible. If you can’t keep them in a small aquarium, make sure the tank is large enough that they can’t fit in the corners.

The water should be at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit and have plenty of plants and hiding places for them.

Handling and Breeding Guppies

Guppies can make great pets, but they require a lot of care and attention. If you want to keep guppies as pets, here are some tips on how to handle and breed them.

When handling guppies, always be gentle. Guppies are prone to getting scared and will bite when they’re scared.

If you need to handle a guppy, try to do it in a small container so the guppy can’t get out.

Guppies require a lot of tank space and should never be kept with other fish unless they are breeding pairs.

They can be aggressive towards other fish so it’s important to have enough tank space for them.

Guppies are smart animals and require a lot of mental stimulation. If you’re not able to provide that for your guppy, he or she may become bored and upset. Some things that can keep your guppy entertained include hiding places, floating plants, and treats.

8 Quick ways to get rid of extra guppies

  • Sell them offline via advertorial
  • Sell them online on Social Networks, Groups, and Marketplaces
  • Donate to an LFS or any petcare organization
  • Let the guppy parents eat the fry
  • Let another predator or fish eat them
  • Trade with Local Breeders
  • Turn Guppies Into Feeders

Sell Guppy Fish to a Local Fish Supply Store

If you have extra guppies, you may want to consider selling them to a local fish supply store.

Guppies are a popular fish species and can be sold at a variety of prices depending on the location.

If you’re looking to sell your guppies quickly, a local fish supply store may be the best option for you.

Sell or Trade on Fish Forums

If you have extra guppies, there are a few things you can do with them.

You can sell them on fish forums or trade them with other fish enthusiasts.

Guppy trading is a fun and easy way to get new guppies and keep your collection growing.

Just be sure to research the conditions and requirements of the fish you are trading with before making a deal.

If you have extra fish that you’re not using, you can donate them to your local fish store (like LFS) or any petcare organization.

If you have extra guppies, there are a couple of things you can do with them.

You can donate them to a local fish store, or any petcare organization.

Sell Guppy fry Online

If you are one of the lucky pet owners who have extra guppies, there are a few things you can do with them. You can sell them online, give them to a friend or family member, or keep them as pets.

One option is to sell your guppies online. There are many websites that will purchase guppy fry from pet owners. Some websites will even give you a percentage of the sale for promoting their site.

Another option is to give your guppies away to friends or family members. This can be a fun way to get rid of some extra fish and make some new friends in the process.

Finally, you can keep your guppies as pets if you want. Guppies are very active and friendly fish, and they will enjoy spending time with you.

Let the guppy parents eat the fry

If you have extra guppies, it’s time to let the parents eat them! Guppy parents are the best at providing food for their fry and will do a better job of raising them than you ever could.

Feeding your fry to their parents is a great way to help reduce their population size and make sure they get the nutrition they need.

Trade Extra Guppy with Local Breeders

If you have extra guppies, there are a few things you can do with them.

You can trade them with local breeders, give them away to friends or family, or keep them in a fish tank.

Turn Guppies Into Feeder Fish

You can turn them into feeder fish by providing them with a variety of food items, such as flakes, small fish, and insects.

Some alternatives to providing live food include sinking a small container filled with food into the water where the guppies live or putting out a dish of pellets or other feeder fish food.

The key is to make sure that the feeder fish items are small enough for the guppies to eat easily and in large numbers.

Another option is to keep them in a small tank with some other small fish and feed them there.

Introduce Bully or Predator Fish

If you have extra guppies, there are lots of ways to keep them entertained and healthy.

Predator fish are great for keeping smaller guppies in check. They will eat any small creatures that get near the guppies, which will help to keep them safe.

They are much larger than predator fish, so they won’t be able to eat as many small creatures. However, they will still protect the guppies from other predators.

Let another predator or fish eat them

If you have more guppies than you can handle, it’s time to let another predator or fish eat them.

Guppies are known to compete with each other for food, so if there are too many, one or more of them will likely starve.

If you have a small tank, it might be best to set up a feeding schedule and see who eats most frequently.


In this article, we discussed a few options for what to do with extra guppies. We covered releasing them into the wild, keeping them as pets, and cooking them up into something delicious. While there are many different ways to go about handling an excess of guppies, I hope that we’ve given you some ideas on how to best take care of your new fishy friends!

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