Best Food For Guppies In Captivity and Wild: 2022 Guide

Picking out the right Guppy fish food can be difficult. It’s not right to go for living, frozen, or freeze-dried food for Guppy’s wellbeing. It’s always best to know if they need plant matter in their diet or if it is best to offer meat only. If you want to give your guppies the best food possible, you are in the right article. Keep reading on to find out the best food for guppies.

Here in this ultimate Betta fish food guide, you will not only find out what fish food is suitable for your guppies but also, you are going to learn why it’s so crucial that you take precautions & care when feeding your guppies. 

While guppies are hard to take care of fish, they are not invincible. Not giving the proper diet to guppies they need for survival and fitness will result in a weak immune system. A weak immune system is often the main culprit of diseases and death in fish. So, first of all, it’s essential to learn what guppies eat in the wild.

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What do guppies eat in the wild?

what do guppies eat in the wild
what do guppies eat in the wild

In The Wild Conditions, guppies prefer feeding on plant fragments, diatoms, algal remains, insect larvae, invertebrates, etc. In Usual cases, algal constitutes the core portion of their diet. In varying or specific conditions of food availability in guppies’ habitat, they also feed on other sources.

Before knowing the best food for guppies, what they need in their diet must be known.

What do guppies need in the diet? 

According to rules of thumb, it is best to add protein and fiber to a guppy’s diet. Protein is essential to keep fish healthy and robust, whereas fiber helps the digestive tract move. 

Apart from protein and fiber, it is also important to add food containing moisture. Food containing water helps guppies aid indigestion. 

In addition to moisture, protein, and fiber, guppies also need a mix of vitamins in the diet from time to time, just like humans. On top of vitamins, it’s best to offer Phosphorus for their cell growth and calcium for their bone strength. 

Fat and carbohydrate are also necessary for their energy storage and consumption. One may think that’s a lot to get in, but the reality is, high-quality guppy food can provide all of these if adequately researched and purchased. 

Well, in this case, we have done all the research on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry too much. According to its variety, let’s find out the different types of guppy food available in the market and the best one.

2 Different Varieties Of Guppy Food & Their Best Ones

Here, in this area, we will discuss two different varieties of Guppy food available in the local supermarket and online. We will also tell you the best 3 of each Guppy food variety.

Pellet Fish Food For Guppies

Pellet fish food is one of the most common types of food available easily in the local and supermarkets that you can feed your guppies. Apart from pellet foods, you can also go with frozen and freeze-dried food, but each has pros and cons. 

One of the most common types of food that you can find for guppies is pellets. Many people go for shots when choosing food for their guppies because they are often higher quality than flakes. 

It is also easy to count how much quantity you offer to your guppies. Apart from being higher in quality, it also benefits looking more natural to your guppies. 

In many cases, guppies have often been seen mistaking these small spherical pellets for an insect which is unlikely to happen with flakes. 

Usually, high-quality pellets for guppies are available at $5-$10. When picking the best shots for your guppies, choose the one with at least 30% crude protein. 

Apart from that, the ingredients present in the pellet foods for guppies should contain lots of dried meat and little to no fillers. In addition, you should also avoid the pellets that sink very quickly. Mostly, guppies don’t like eating from the surface of the tank. We have taken all these into account, and here is the best pellet food for guppies.

Best Food For Guppies (Pellets & Granules)

Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy Premium Pellet Food

If you’re looking for a premium choice and food that comes from a well-known brand producing some of the best fish food over the long past years, then this is the one. This food comes from a famous Japanese brand whose priority is to offer food tailored to specific fishes. 

Foods from this brand are also packed with many nutrients and pass all factors needed to fulfill guppies’ nutritional and health needs.

Fluval Bug Bites Formula For Small To Medium Fish (Best Value)

This one is budget-friendly and the most rated Guppy food on Amazon, and it also comes from a well-known brand. This food is not only good for guppies but also for mollies, gouramis, and bettas. 

Apart from this food, Fluval also produces some great products for specific fishes. However, this formula is specially designed for small to medium-sized fishes and guppies.

Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Guppy Nano Bits Floating For Guppies (Best Overall)

This one is also good food for guppies and any other option. It comes from another company known for producing high-quality specific fish products. This nano bits floating food contains Pellets filled with nutrients and all the ingredients needed to fulfill your Guppy’s requirement for their healthy being. 

After discussing the best food for guppies, it is also good to know the best live food for guppies.

Flake Fish Food For Guppies

flake fish food for guppies
flake fish food for guppies

Flake foods are also very readily available and have been around since fishkeeping culture and trends began. In the past, flake foods used to be the first and the primary choice of aquarists but now, due to different varieties’ availability and cost efficiency, people moved forward. However, it is still a desirable option, especially for novice aquarists trying to keep or breed guppies. 

The popularity of feeding flakes to fish has declined in the past ten years, but many novice fish keepers and professional aquarists still recommend using it. 

Using Flake food for fish has many advantages, like its ability to dissolve quickly in water, and enticing finicky guppies to eat. Apart from the ease of dissolving, the Flake food also causes fewer digestive issues in guppies. 

Apart from advantages, Flake food also has a significant drawback of fouling the water quickly. Also, Flake food tends to be very delicate, and you can easily over-feed your guppies. 

Flakes should be a viable food option only when guppies are small because small pellets are hard to find. Here are three popular flake foods for guppies that we have researched, discussed, researched, and reviewed with much success.

Best Flake Foods For Guppies

Vitamin Nutritional Balanced Guppies Tropical Flakes (Best Overall)

These flakes offer a highly digestible formula containing all the nutrition-packed to fulfill your Guppy’s nutritional needs. Another great thing about this packed food is it is fuss-free and go-to fish food for many aquarists. 

The company also claimed that these flakes offer a clearwater formula, not making the water cloudy. However, in many cases, overfeeding your guppies also results in fouling the water no matter to what extent their claims seem to be accurate.  

This food is packed with all the nutrition needed for guppies’ well-being and is easy to digest. In most cases, it offers clearwater, and Overfeeding these flakes should be avoided. In our research, we find this one to be the best overall Flake food for guppies.

API Tropical Flake For Guppies (Premium Choice)

It’s a premium flake for aquarists and affordable fish food. It is a protein-rich formula specially designed to keep your guppies healthy and water clean all the time. It also offers API test kits, and it also passes all our tests that fulfill all of Guppy’s nutritional and health needs.

Aqueon 06034 Tropical Flakes For Guppies (Best Value)

It’s very affordable and straightforward flake food to feed your guppies. If you’re looking for fast but affordable food packed with all-natural ingredients and nutritions your guppies need in their healthy diet, then this is the one.

Adding to that, this food is also suitable for a wide array of other tropical fish. This food is a nutritional building block that provides a healthy daily diet to your guppies, turning out natural, and is also suitable as a staple diet for guppies.

Best Guppy Food For Color 

TetraPRO Tropical Color Crisps With Biotin For Guppies

If you’re looking for a beautiful coloration in guppies, then this one is the best. This food offers all the color crisps with advanced nutrients needed to support Guppy’s immune system. 

This packed food has many natural color enhancers that promote your Guppy’s development of rich color. Adding to that, it is also easy to digest, helping your guppies metabolize food more quickly and efficiently. 

Another great thing about this is it is also good for reducing aquarium waste. It’s also a floating food which means the water will stay clear until all the food gets eaten.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping Up: It is a must to choose the right food for guppies to promote their health and support their immune system. If you want to get the beautiful coloration in your guppies, consider getting the best Guppy food for color. 

It is necessary to consider all the factors needed to fulfill your Guppy’s nutritional needs for their health and wellbeing. This guide has given all the best food in the Pellets and Flakes variety for guppies.

I hope I have given you all the information needed on the best foods for guppies. If you have any other questions regarding their dietary needs, consider checking out one of these articles. 

We have answered all the queries regarding their diet and fry feeding routine. I hope you liked our article and consider sharing it to help others with their guppies. Make sure to check out our other articles related to guppy fish care. See you in the other piece, till then, take care and goodbye.

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