Betta Fish And Guppies: Can Bettas Live With Guppies?

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Can Bettas Live With Guppies

The answer to this question is yes. Bettas can live with guppies, but many factors need to be considered, such as the overall behavior and aggression of the bettas, how spacious the fish tank is, and what other fishes are there in the tank.

Bettas and guppies both need a pH of around seven and a temperature of up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to survive.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the gender of the fish that live together. Male bettas can be very aggressive and might not get along with other fish. Also, you need to feed them separately and buy some live plants for these fishes.

How Can I Introduce Bettas To Guppies?

how do i introduce my betta to guppies
how do I introduce bettas to guppies?

Guppies are a widespread species of fish that can be seen in many fish aquariums. However, introducing them to other species such as bettas is not easy. Many factors need to be considered before submitting guppies to bettas. Guppy fish is calmer compared to betta fish when it comes to temperament. As betta fish is slightly aggressive, you need to ensure that both species can live together in the same tank.

Picking the right breed of betta is essential. While many of them have an aggressive temperament, some betta fish are also calm. You need to choose the more passive and calm one like the Halfmoon Betta fish or the Delta Betta fish.

It would help if you also controlled the population of betta fish in your tank. It is best to introduce only one betta fish to multiple guppies. In this way, the aggression and the fight are less likely to be seen.

You also have to bring more live plants for your guppies as they prefer to live in natural and relaxed environments. Introducing live plants is also suitable for the betta fish as they hide behind the plants from time to time. It is also essential to get a spacious large-sized fish tank of at least 10 gallons.

How To Introduce A Betta To Other Fish?

Betta fish can be a bit aggressive, making them incompatible with other fish species. However, it can be possible to introduce a betta fish to other fishes. T

Here are a few steps you can take that may increase their compatibility with other fishes:

  1. It would help if you never kept multiple betta males together. This is because male bettas are aggressive and often fight, which is something you do not want in your fish tank. Sometimes these males become so bold that they can cause severe injury and even kill each other.
  2. Putting your bettas with colourful and bright fish is another thing you need to avoid. This often makes them aggressive and may attack other fishes. It is better to put fishes that appear dull (such as corydoras catfish). Dull-looking fishes are less likely to be struck by the betta fish as they do not see them as threats.
  3. It would be best to avoid fishes that have long, flowing tails, like the guppies. Bettas are more likely to attack guppies not only because of their flowing tails but also due to their colourful appearance.

The other steps you can take are:

  • Introducing fish that do not occupy the same space as the bettas.
  • Buying a large and spacious fish tank.
  • Raising bettas to other fishes at a very young age.
  • Introducing a lot of live plants in the tank.
  • Making sure they can survive in the same temperature conditions.

6 Pros Of Keeping Betta Fish With Guppies

Many people never take the risk of keeping the betta fish with guppies. Though bettas are somewhat aggressive and may often fight with each other, there are many ways to introduce them to guppies. These species can go along well with each other with the right conditions and choices, and here are a few benefits of keeping them together in the fish tank :

  1. Both of them look gorgeous in the fish tank. They also have varying colours, sizes, fin shapes, and patterns which is beautiful.
  2. They do not need substantial fish tanks. A 5-gallon tank would be enough to provide sufficient space for these species. They can also survive in the same temperature and pH conditions.
  3. These fishes are not so expensive and can easily be purchased by many pet owners.
  4. They are also very active, and it is fun to watch them move around and hide behind the live plants inside the tank.
  5. They also have low maintenance and are pretty easy to care for compared to other fish species. The fish tank would remain clean for a long time, and the filter is not required to be replaced regularly.
  6. They are pretty hardy, which means they can stay alone for long periods without any problem.

4 Cons Of Keeping Betta Fish With Guppies

Though it is possible to keep betta fish with guppies, keeping them as pets has many disadvantages. Here are a few cons of keeping guppies and betta fish in the fish tank:

  1. Though these species are much affordable to buy, the initial cost of purchasing equipment for these fishes is a bit high. You need to invest in many things like a spacious aquarium, artificial lighting, substrate, aquarium heater, live plants, and water filter.
  2. Proper maintenance of the tank is essential. You may have to change the water regularly and take care of the filter maintenance to ensure a happy and active life for these species. You may also need to clean the aquarium walls and the live plants from algae deposition regularly. Introducing snails can be a good option as they would clean the algae from the tank without bothering the fish.
  3. Bettas, especially males, can be very aggressive and even attack the guppies. This is why introducing them to other fish species can be a risky move, and they can even cause some serious injury to other fish.
  4. These species usually have a short life span and may live up to 2 years in captivity.

Are Guppy And Betta the Same?

are guppy and betta the same

No, they are different fishes. The betta fish is an aggressive Siamese fish and is often known as the ” fighting fish “. The guppy fish is a small fish found in the Caribbean region and South America. Guppies are very effective breeders, and the female guppies can store the sperm, which helps them give birth a lot of times.

On the other hand, the betta fish lay eggs and do not breed so effectively. Guppy fish is calm in behaviour, whereas the betta fish is usually aggressive and willing to attack other brightly-coloured fish species. Guppies are also smaller than the betta fish.

Can Guppies Eat Betta Pellets?

Guppies usually eat live foods, commercial fish foods, plant matters, good quality fish flakes and pellets, and frozen foods. But do they also eat betta pellets?

Yes, guppies can eat betta pellets, but not always. Betta foods can never be their primary diet and can only be given occasionally as a treat. Though the guppies can get some nutrition from betta foods, they might not get all the essential nutrients from betta pellets as they are made for predatory fishes. Guppies require a lot of other vitamins and minerals, which they may not get from the betta foods.

Can Guppies Live Bettas In A 5 Gallon Tank?

Yes, there are possibilities of keeping bettas with guppies in a 5-gallon tank (which is quite spacious for both species). However, many factors need to be considered before making them compatible with each other.

Understand that betta fishes are pretty aggressive and can even harm the guppies. So, choosing the right breed is essential. Also, it is better to introduce a young betta to the guppies. Keeping multiple guppies with one betta is a great option.

You may also need to introduce some live plants into the aquarium as these fishes often hide behind these plants. Also, you have to feed them different foods as bettas are carnivorous, whereas the guppies are omnivorous.


Can Endler Bettas Live With Guppies?

Yes, Endler Livebearers can live with bettas, and they also have similar water parameters, making them compatible. One primary reason these species can live together is that endlers are not flashy and can swim very rapidly, reducing the chance of a fight or injury of any kind.

Can Yin Yang Guppies Live With Bettas?

Ying Yang Guppies are incredibly colourful and adorable to watch. These guppies can live with bettas in certain conditions. The most factor that needs to be considered is the temperament of the bettas. Aggressive bettas are less likely to be compatible with Ying Yang guppies. It is better to introduce a calmer and smaller breed of betta with multiple guppies for the best compatibility.

Can Cobra Guppies Live With Bettas?

Yes, cobra guppies, just like many other guppies, can live with bettas. The most crucial factor determining their compatibility is the overall behaviour and temperament of the bettas. It is better to introduce a small-sized betta fish that is calm and not so fierce, which increases their chances of compatibility.

Can My Male Betta Live With Guppies?

Usually, male bettas are very aggressive and are more likely to attack other brightly-colored fish species. Hence, utmost care should be given to choosing the right breed that is not aggressive. It is best to introduce your male betta at a young age to make it compatible with guppies

Can Female Bettas Live With Guppies?

Yes, female bettas can surely live with puppies, and their chances of compatibility are higher as the female bettas are less aggressive than the male bettas and are less likely to attack the guppies. Also, female guppy fish are more likely to get along with female bettas than their male counterparts due to less aggression.

Can A Male Betta Live With Fancy Guppies?

Though it is tough to keep bettas with fancy guppies, it can be possible to keep them together. Note that fancy guppies are even more sharp-coloured than other species of guppies, which is not a good thing. These bright colours trigger more aggression in the bettas, posing a threat to the guppies’ life.

Can Female Bettas Live With Male Guppies?

While it is good to know that female betta are not so aggressive, there can still be some compatibility issues of keeping female bettas with male guppies. Though the female bettas are calm and are less likely to cause harm, male guppies often mistake the female bettas for guppies which may make the female bettas aggressive.


Keeping betta fish and guppies is a challenging task but not impossible. It would be best to consider many factors and conditions before keeping them together in the same tank. As betta fish are a bit aggressive and may often attack other brightly-coloured species, it is essential to choose the right breed. Breeds that are calm and more passive are the most compatible (like the delta betta fish).

It would help if you also controlled the population of betta fish in the tank. It is better to introduce a young betta fish with multiple guppies for compatibility. Also, choosing a spacious tank (of at least 5 gallons) and feeding them different foods based on their individual needs are necessary steps that should not be avoided.

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