3 Best Live Foods For Guppies

As time has passed, every aquarist should be aware of their fish nutritional needs. This guide will discuss the most critical thing about guppies’ dietary routine, and also about the best live food for guppies. 

We have already discussed the best food for guppies, where you learned some flakes and pellet foods in the past. Significant advances have been brought in today’s world, including the new addition of live foods rich in nutrients. 

However, these live foods should not be fed as an exclusive guppy diet. In this article, we have researched and reviewed all the best live foods for guppies to help make choosing a vital part of your diet easier. 

I have tried my best to remove all the confusion of your surrounding live food for guppies and ensure that our Guppies receive all the nutrition for maximum health and longevity. Let’s learn about five best live foods for guppies.

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How To Choose Live Food For Guppies?

how to choose live food for guppies
how to choose live food for guppies

It would help if you considered many factors before choosing the live food for guppies. Before selecting the live food for guppies, knowing all the three much-known factors is essential to avoid any mistake or future correction. Here is what you need to know before purchasing a commercial life food for guppies.


Believe it or not, many people out there tend to be unsure about feeding live food. Most people tend to have an ethical belief or desire not to handle creepy crawlies. 

For them, it is best to go with the loved food that can be fed using a syringe or dropper and are killed at the time of packing. Choose the one providing all the nutrients of live food to your guppies. This food helps you feed live food to guppies without handling or chopping up live crawlies.


It is essential to know the correct age of your guppies before purchasing any food for them. The Guppy fry tends to have a different nutritional need than the adult ones, and adult guppies need less protein content than the guppy fry that is still growing and developing. 

If your guppies are smaller in size, consider getting live food that is high in nutrients and small in size to fit their smallmouth. 

It is also essential to choose a small size live food for guppies to control the limit you offer. Knowing a perfect age and then deciding the appropriate fare is best to maintain health and prepare a proper dietary routine.


If you are frequently caught overfeeding your guppies, you need to be very careful when choosing a food for guppies. 

It is essential to know what tankmates share a home with guppies. If your guppy shares a house with a bottom feeder fish or a snail, get a smaller feed. 

More miniature food is best for guppies with a tankmate that feeds on the bottom. Getting more miniature food will give you the advantage of being free from clearing up all the leftovers your guppy misses. However, if your guppy lives alone, you can get easy to count out food.

3 Best Live Food For Guppies

3 best live food for guppies
3 best live food for guppies

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Red Wigglers For Guppies (Premium Choice)

It’s a premium choice pack with all the nutrients necessary to fulfill your guppy’s nutritional needs for their health and longevity. This pack includes 250 live worms of small size, and this small earthworm is highly rich in nutrients and extremely easy to care for and use. 

Another advantage of these worms is it helps in composting as well. Before feeding this to your guppies, you can consider keeping these worms in your veggie’s scrap compost bin to help break down all the nutrients in the soil. 

It is high in a 55-70% protein to support guppies growth and development. Although they are small in size, these little earthworms can be too giant for some guppies to be fed as a whole. 

It also means that you might have to chop up a live worm in a proper portioning before feeding your guppies. Always keep in mind that one live worm can be multiple meals for your guppies. 

Always try to limit the number of times you offer this worm per week to avoid wastage and killing multiple worms at once. The most significant advantage of this packed live food is it is easy to care for and contains 250 live worms per order. 

It is also a sustainable food source with 50-70% protein content to support guppies’ rapid development and growth. One of the drawbacks of having this live food is most of the single worm will go to waste due to chopping & to portion for guppies. 

Another disadvantage of this live food is its need to be chopped up before feeding to guppies because of its large size. Let’s take a look at another option.

Aqua L’amour Live Daphnia For Guppies (Best Overall)

Our research finds the best overall live food available on Amazon with the best rating possible. This pack comes with 200 live Daphnia, also known as water fleas, a perfect diet for guppies. 

These tiny insects are very easy to care for and reproduce very quickly. Buy this one could also mean ending up with the self-replenishing food source for guppies. 

This live food enhances the guppy’s coloration with a protein content of around 45%. Hence it’s live food; you are less likely to foul your water by feeding this one to your guppies. 

Knowing the feeding recommendation is always necessary to know because overfeeding your guppies can poison their immune system. 

I would highly recommend you feed only 1.8 g of this live food daily in split feedings to your guppies. 

Make sure to choose the one packed with all the nutritions because most varieties of Daphnia make no nutrients needed for yourGuppyy at all. Always try to offer a small amount of live food no more than what your guppies can eat in 2-3 minutes. 

This live food can be a significant part of a regular rotation of their diet. The most important advantage of this one is that it is easy to care for and reproduce quickly. 

Plus, you will get 200+ Daphnia for order and act as a sustainable food source for guppies. It is also good in enhancing the coloration of guppies with a protein content of 45%. 

Plus, it is unlikely to foul your aquarium water. The only drawback is its difficulty in portioning the live Daphnia.

Brine Shrimp Eggs (Best Value)

It’s another best value for money and food for guppies. If you are looking for budget-friendly live food for guppies, then this is the one. The main benefit of getting this one is it contains more than 1.5 to 25 million eggs per packet. 

Depending upon the package size you choose, you get a massive amount of eggs to feed your guppies. According to the company, it is very high in protein, greater than 70%, and however, 50-60 % protein is a more acceptable amount for a guppy’s diet routine. 

Overfeeding should be avoided because it can interfere with your guppy’s immune system. It is important to only offer small amounts according to the size of your guppy’s eyeball with every feeding day. 

Even you can feed this live food multiple times a day, and it is recommended to include it as a rotational part of their diet or live foods. The most significant advantage of this food is it contains more than 10 million eggs per order depending upon the package size you choose. 

70% Protein makes this one great for adults and fries guppies. Apart from that, it is also suitable for Guppy fry rapid growth. If you feed them in the correct portion, this food will not foul the water. 

Unfortunately, it also needs to be hatched before being offered to guppies, which is the biggest drawback. Another advantage is that you should never feed this live food as the only live food source to guppies.


In this article, I have tried to give you the best overall live food and the premium choice for guppies. According to each preference, all three are the best in the market. All the food mentioned in this article has the nutrients required to fulfill your guppy’s needs. 

Regardless of which food or foods you choose for your guppies, in the end, you will appreciate knowing that you are giving your guppies a nutrient-dense live food diet for their longevity.

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