Will Guppy Eat Cherry Shrimp & Ghost Shrimp?

Here, in this article, we will talk about if Guppy fish can live with cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp. In this article, I am going to answer both fascinating questions: will Guppy eat cherry shrimps? & will Guppy eat ghost shrimps? 

If you have been planning or considering keeping shrimps in your guppy tank, then here is what you need to know.

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Will Guppy Eat Cherry Shrimp?

will guppy eat cherry shrimp
will guppy eat cherry shrimp?

Yes, guppies can eat cherry shrimp if they are small-sized. Being invertebrae, shrimps are easy prey and tasty snacks for guppies. When thinking of both coexisting together in the same tank, you need to take precautions.

Limiting the Guppy’s number in the tank before adding shrimps helps in understanding the scenario. Here is what you need to know about shrimps and Guppy getting along.

Do Guppies And Shrimp Get Along?

Guppy and shrink can always coexist together as they usually get along. However, precaution is needed because smaller shrimps can be easy prey for guppies. Guppies prefer feeding on invertebrates live shrimp. 

Keeping the guppies and the shrimp of the same size in the same tank is best. Make sure to create lots of hiding places as well. 

You can always take precautions like feeding the guppies well as well as having lots of hiding places. You can also keep them together by limiting the number of guppies in the aquarium. 

Although guppies and shrimp can be placed together, a few species need some research before being placed in the same tank. 

In simple words, guppies can eat shrimp, including cherry shrimp & ghost shrimps. It would help if you took many factors and precautions to ensure that both could coexist happily. Let’s first learn if guppies will eat baby shrimp.

Will Guppies Eat Baby Shrimp?

Yes, guppies and even guppies fry can eat shrimp. It is not uncommon for shrimp to go missing in the guppy tank. Baby shrimps tend to be the perfect size for guppies to snack on. 

It is always recommended to keep the baby shrimps separately in different tanks with favorable water conditions for them to thrive. 

In some cases, baby shrimps can live with Guppy fry if there are many hiding places in the tank. 

It helps the shrimps hide from predation. Let’s learn why do guppies eat cherry shrimp.

Why Are My Guppies Eating My Shrimp?

Being invertebrae and minor in size, cherry shrimp seems an easy prey to guppies. They should be kept separate until cherry shrimp grow large enough to live with guppies. 

Typically, Cherry shrimps take about 4-6 weeks to reach a size when guppies don’t see them as food. Here is how to keep guppies and cherry shrimp together peacefully.

How To Keep Cherry Shrimp And Guppies Peacefully In The Same Tank?

Increasing the chances of a peaceful tank will help cherry shrimp coexist in the same tank with guppies. They can coexist in the same habitat. 

We will talk about some precautions that you can take to increase the chances of a peaceful tank.

5 Precautions To Increase The Chances Of Peaceful Tank

Lots Of Hiding

One of the best ways to increase the chances of shrimp survival is by creating lots of hiding in the tank. If the cherry shrimps have something to cover and hide properly from guppies, they will be less stressed. 

Cherry shrimps can be very stressed being out in the open all the time inside the guppy aquarium.

Keep 1:3/4 Ratio Of Guppies And Shrimps.

If you keep the Guppy’s number high compared to the cherry shrimps inside the aquarium, the chances of an attack will be extreme. It is always good to increase the number of cherry shrimps over guppies in the same aquarium.

Introduce The Cherry Shrimp First

Before placing the guppies in the aquarium, it is best to introduce the shrimps first. It will help the cherry shrimp to understand the best hiding spots and become established in the tank. 

Introducing the cherry shrimp first to the aquarium always has a higher chance of their survival.

Feed Guppies Fully

It is necessary to give guppies food properly so they don’t feel eager to attack cherry shrimps. Other than that, you should also use proper shrimp food because the guppies tend to be greedy species. 

You can’t expect to use one type of food for all the fish and shrimp for their wellbeing. Without getting proper nutrition, shrimps will be very vulnerable to attacks.

Every single responsible aquarist wants to try their best to keep a peaceful tank for its inhabitants. Maintaining a friendly tank for the inhabitants ensures a much longer and happier life for them. 

There are many tankmates and a vast array of species that can be kept in a guppy tank. Here you can learn what other fish guppies can live with. 

It is essential to choose each species very carefully. I would recommend you do proper research on every fish before putting them in the Guppy tank. 

Some species tend to be more aggressive, while some are very peaceful and calm. If you are looking at your fish or shrimp hiding most of their life in the corner of the tank, then it’s a highly stressful state for them. 

At that moment, it is best to separate them so that they can live peacefully. 

Now we will learn about the compatibility between ghost shrimps and guppies. We will also talk about: Will guppies eat ghost shrimps? Do guppies and ghost shrimp get along?

Will Guppies Eat Ghost Shrimp?

will guppies eat ghost shrimp
will guppies eat ghost shrimp?

Guppies and guppies fry can eat baby ghost shrimp. Adult ghost shrimps can coexist with guppies together in the same tank peacefully. Keeping smaller ghost frames than guppies will result in predation. 

Adult size ghost shrimps will be too large to fit a Guppy mouth and gut. Although ghost shrimps and guppies can live together, many things make it a bad idea. 

For instance, if the Guppy is more significant than the ghost shrimp, it will eat your shrimp. Shrimps frequently go missing in a Guppy tank. 

Guppy tends to be omnivorous who feed on both plants and animal matter. Now let’s learn if they can get along or not.

Do Guppies Get Along With Ghost Shrimp?

Ghost shrimps and guppies can get along as long as they are of the same size. Guppies will quickly eat small ghost shrimp. So, most miniature shrimp is the only caveat. 

Other than ghost shrimp, guppies can coexist with similar-sized fish and shrimps like bamboo shrimp and Amano shrimp. Guppy fish and shrimp living together should not be concerning for owners if they are the same size. 

Guppies only prey on the tiniest of shrimps. Let’s learn how to introduce ghost shrimp in a Guppy tank.

How To Introduce Ghost Shrimp Into A Guppy Tank?

The very first thing that you should do is to introduce ghost shrimps first to the aquarium. It will get them familiar with the best hiding spots. It is essential to keep the water temperature according to their needs. 

When you get shrimps in the plastic bag filled with water, you should put the pack first in the water tank. 

After putting the plastic bag in the water tank, give it the time of around 45-60 minutes to even out the temperature. 

As shrimps tend to jump a lot whenever they get a chance, you should watch out when opening the bag. Using a fishnet can be challenging because of its jumping nature. Here are what other shrimps can live with guppies.

What Shrimp Can Live With Guppies

  • Red Cherry Shrimp
  • Crystal Red Shrimp
  • Ghost Shrimp
  • Amano Shrimp 
  • Bamboo Shrimp


Wrapping Up: Ghost and Cherry Shrimps can live in the guppies tank as long as they are of the same size. Being invertebrae, Ghost & Cherry shrimps are easy snacks if they are smaller than guppies. 

Guppies will eat tiny and small-sized shrimps. Even Guppy fry-eat baby shrimps. 

I tried my best to give you all the information needed on: will Guppy eat Cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp. 

Share this article with others facing issues in getting shrimps and guppies along together. Do check out our other valuable resources on guppies. See you in the other article till then, take care and goodbye.

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