Do Guppy Need Air Pump? If So, What About Fancy Guppy & Fry

In this article, we are going to talk about the need for an air pump for guppies. So, in the very beginning, I will answer a straightforward question: do guppy fish need an air pump? If so, what are the best air pump for guppies? 

Guppy fish care needs some skill and caution. Keeping guppy fish seems to be a pretty easy hobby until you discover some hidden perks to it. One of those perks is water quality. 

It is essential to ensure that your guppies have healthy and suitable water conditions to survive and live a long healthy life. Let’s first learn do guppy fish need an air pump.

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Does Guppy Need Air Pump?

does guppy need air pump
does the guppy need an air pump?

Guppy fish need to have Oxygen in the water coming in the form of bubbles or due to the movement in the water surface. An air pump provides a sufficient amount of bubbles and training on the water surface to create Oxygen. 

The air pump is needed in specific water cases to create more Oxygen for your guppies, but not all cases. Most people assume that guppy fish will die instantly without an air pump, but it’s not true.

Although the guppies need well-oxygenated water, it is not necessary to use air pumps alone. An ample movement by any means on the water’s surface will allow the Oxygen to dissolve inside the tank. It can be done even by having a filter or different standards in the tank. 

Naturally, guppies tend to be quite delicate species of fish. Guppy fish need clean oxygenated water because the waste matter often clogs the water, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide while shortening the oxygen supply. 

It is essential to have a filter that can soak up all the waste matter from the water while stirring up the surface quickly. 

Alternatively, you can always introduce an air pump to the aquarium for constant oxygen supply and increase surface movement. 

For many people, the air pump tends to serve aesthetic purposes. There are cases when you need an air pump for guppy survival and health benefits. If there is an insufficient amount of Oxygen for guppies, difficulties in breathing will result. 

You don’t need an air pump as long as your guppies never lack sufficient Oxygen.

My Top 3 Pick

It is essential to choose a good quality durable air pump for your guppy aquarium. 

However, out of thousands of options, it’s a daunting task to find a suitable one. Although you can order one from, it is essential to research what kind of air pump is ideal according to your tank size and fish needs.

I have done all the research on your behalf and have already spent hours finding a good one. Hence, I have my top 3 favorite picks. Here are the three best air pumps for guppies you can choose from.

Tetra Whisper Air Pump

This air pump is bigger, friendly, and perfect for all tanks. It might seem pricier, but it is suitable for all aquarium sizes as well. If you are looking for an air pump from a renowned brand in the business, then this is the one. 

Tetra has manufactured it as the most potent pump I picked out of the three. This air pump has been specially designed for deep and large tanks.

It will perform best in deep water too. The main advantage of going with the tetra whisper line is that it includes an air pump of all sizes. You can choose from the smaller, weaker one to the bigger one according to your needs. 

The only disadvantage that I find in this air pump is its absence of necessary tubing and accessories. If you need additional supplements or tubing, then you might have to reinvest. 

However, one of the many things that make the tetra whisper stand out is its limited lifetime warranty. Plus, I think that no other air pump can beat this one if you consider this price range.

Uniclife Air Pump

This air pump is suitable for more than 20-gallon tank size. It also offers an airstone bar. It’s a good air pump tested by my friend. It is efficient enough in providing a good amount of air while being quiet and consuming low power.

Keeping the oxygen level high and constant inside the guppies tank is good to keep them healthy. This air pump is suitable for both freshwater and marine aquarium. 

The only reason behind listing this one in our list is its accessories. It comes with all the air pump accessories like two stone bars, six suction cups, four connectors, two non-return check valves, and 6.5 feet 3/16 inches ID standard airline.

It creates a super microbubble that dissolves Oxygen more quickly into the water. The bubbles burst quietly in the water, which is ideal for shrimps, guppies, and bettas. 

Although it is ultra-quiet, it is customary to hear a noticeable hum sound when running hard on the highest level or setting.

Hygger Quiet Mini Air Pump

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose Air pump, this is undoubtedly one of the most valuable options you can find online in the current market. 

Many people have given great reviews on Amazon about this product. It is available and can be ordered on Amazon as well. It gives you the option to control many aspects of pressure through the pressure dial. 

It is good at providing the high-performance results. Its quietness and durability attract many customers. Most certainly, this pump comes in four different sizes, which means that you can find a suitable version according to your need and your tank size. 

It is always recommended to choose an air pump that perfectly suits your tank size to get maximum efficiency and convenience. 

Like the first one, it also has no tubing or air stone. It should not be a concern because they are primarily available at pocket-friendly rates.

How Long Can Guppies Live Without An Air Pump

how long can guppies survive without air pump
how long do guppies survive without an air pump

Guppies can survive without an air pump as long as the water has enough oxygen supply when oxygenated water is alone enough to support the respiratory function of your guppies. The air pump is only necessary when there is little to no X season in the aquarium. For fully grown, the peace corps air pump doesn’t seem to be always necessary.

Air Pump VS Filter For Guppies (Which Is More Important?)

If the water’s surface has enough movement, it will also translate to Oxygen, so your guppies should be OK. 

Remember that as long as the quality of the water, the feeding routine, and the general welfare of the guppies are well maintained, your guppies can live for many years without any issue. 

On the other hand, if the aquarium lacks sufficient Oxygen, then your guppies might not enjoy the best living conditions at all under your care and preservation. Waste buildup can alone make your guppies struggle for Oxygen. 

This is why I would recommend you always have a filter rather than an air pump first to ensure the waste builds up getting cleaned regularly to preserve more Oxygen.

7 Fish That Do Not Need Air Pump

  1. Betta fish (Use a heater)
  2. White Cloud Minnows.
  3. Blind Cave Tetras. (Also known as Mexican Tetras)
  4. Salt and Pepper Corydoras.
  5. Zebra Danios.
  6. Ember Tetra
  7. Pea Pufferfish

Six-ray Corydoras

Scarlet Badis


Does Guppy Fry Need Air Pump?

Being not as strong as the grown-ups, guppy fry needs compulsory accessories and air pumps. They need additional care and assistants, whereas air pumps ensure enough oxygen supply. For fully grown guppies, an air pump doesn’t seem to be always necessary if the water is well oxygenated.

Does Fancy Guppy Need Air Pump?

No, fancy guppies don’t need an air pump as long as the water has enough oxygen supply. An accessory like filters is necessary to clean up the waste matter from the water, but an air pump is optional. 

All species of guppies can do well in an aquarium that is well oxygenated for as long as it usually can. 

How Do You Know Your Guppies Tank Needs More Oxygen?

If the surface of the aquarium water appears still, then there is not enough air within it. If there is Oxygen, the surface should move. If it is stagnant, then your tank needs more Oxygen. 

If the temperature is too high, you need to correct it because it is not suitable for Oxygen. Warm water always needs more Oxygen. 

If the guppies are in a fishbowl or small tank, then they will lack sufficient Oxygen for sure. Ammonia check helps in knowing the ammonia level of the water, which is a good habit for the best guppy cares. 

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