Are Guppies Tropical Fish? Are Guppies Hardy too?

They were confused about whether guppies are tropical fish or not? Let us end this confusion.

Yes, guppies are small-size, tropical freshwater fish, and they are one of the most well-known aquarium fish on the planet. Guppies can be found on almost all continents (except Antarctica).

The ideal temperature for their survival ranges from 72 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, let us explore why guppies are known as tropical fish.

They usually reside in Suriname, Guyana, Barbuda, Venezuela, and a tropical climate.

They are good at adaptation and can be found in many parts of the world (except Antarctica).

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Are Guppies Tropical Fish?

Guppies are primarily native to tropical areas of Trinidad and Antigua. These areas usually have temperatures higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

As most guppies are adaptive, they can survive in most places of the world and survive in brackish or saltwater.

Many people often use these guppies to cycle their aquarium tanks. Keeping your guppies healthy and happy requires you to create a suitable environment for them in the tank, and this means the ideal water temperature in the tank should be the same as that found in tropical areas.

Setting up the ideal tank for your guppies is almost the same as setting up the tank for a freshwater fish. But you need to know a few things you will get to know in this post.

The first step is to choose the appropriate tank size for the guppies. Now, you may ask:” What would be the appropriate tank size for my guppies?”Let us find out.

appropriate tank size for my guppies?

Choosing the appropriate size of the fish tank depends upon two things: the size of your guppies and the number of guppies you are willing to keep in the tank. A 5-gallon fish tank is ideal for two to three guppies, each up to 2 inches long.

However, guppies are live-breeders, and you will soon start seeing guppy fry in the tank. Then the 5-gallon tank would not be enough for them, and you would have to buy a 10-gallon tank.

It would help if you also cycled your tank using live plants, fish in-cycling, or using fish foods. It may take up to 5 weeks to cycle the tank.

You would also need an aquarium light, the ideal temperature(71 to 82 degrees), and a pH of up to 7.2 to cycle the tank instantly.

What Is The Ideal Condition For Guppies?

what is the ideal condition for guppieswhat is the ideal condition for guppies
what is the ideal condition for guppies?

Guppies are the most popular live-breeding tropical fish in the world. They are pretty hardy, brightly colored, and an ideal choice for beginners. Here are a few conditions that would set up the ideal environment for your guppies’ survival and health:

Choosing The Tank Size: A 5-gallon tank would be the best choice for keeping two to three guppies. However, if you want to keep more than three fish, going for a 10-gallon tank is better.

Male and Female Ratio: As male guppies can be aggressive, keeping too many males would not be a better choice. For every three females, there needs to be only one male.

Ideal Water Conditions: They need a temperature of around 71 to 82 degrees, a pH of up to 7.8, and levels of nitrates and ammonia below 1ppm.

Regular Water Changes: As guppies produce toxic waste, changing the water regularly becomes essential. Up to 40% water should be changed every week. You can use a water conditioner to remove chlorine and other heavy metals from the tap water.

Water Filtration: You can use a sponge filter to clean the water. Using thick substrates (up to 5 inches) would also do.

Are Fancy Guppies Tropical Fish?

Yes, fancy guppies are tropical fish as they are most commonly found in tropical areas and need a temperature of 71 to 82 degrees for their survival.

Guppies are primarily native to tropical regions like Suriname, Tobago, and Antigua and need a pH of around 7 for their survival.

They are very calm and active and often swim all around the tank. These fish are also very affordable and need low maintenance.

Though guppies can adapt to the temperature changes to some extent, keeping them in ideal conditions is essential.

It would help if you also cycled the tank regularly for its cleanliness.

Are Male Guppies Tropical Fish?

Whether male or female, all guppies are tropical freshwater fish as they dwell in tropical areas where temperatures are usually warmer and may go up to 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

As they are tropical fish, maintaining the appropriate tank conditions is crucial such as tank size, pH, and water temperature.

Do Tropical Fish Eat Guppies?

do tropical fish eat guppies
do tropical fish eat guppies

Yes, many tropical fish such as large angelfish and clown knife fish can threaten the small-sized guppies. They can rapidly eat adult guppies and guppy fry. Most fish have solid skills and can eat guppies and many other small feeder fish.

They are also speedy, intelligent, and aggressive and can cause some severe damage to the guppies. Hence, it is essential not to keep guppies in the same tank as these fish.

Choosing the ideal conditions for your guppies and keeping them in a safe and spacious environment is a step you should never skip.


Guppies are very intelligent, colorful, and popular tropical freshwater fish, and they can be found in most places except Antarctica.

These fish are native to tropical areas and need a temperature range of 71 to 82 degrees for their existence. You also need to maintain a suitable pH level of 7 and keep the nitrate levels below one ppm.

Choosing a 5-gallon tank is best for two to three guppies and a 10-gallon tank for up to seven guppies. You should cycle the tank and change up to 40% water weekly to maintain the tank’s cleanliness. Live plants also help cycle your fish tank.

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