How Do Guppies Give Birth? A Complete Guide

Guppies are elegant-looking livebearers, and this means they can give birth to live, free-swimming babies called guppy fry.

Fish hobbyists can breed happy and healthy guppies by understanding how these guppies usually give birth.

This reduces the chances of any disease in guppy fry and lowers the stress in pregnant guppies.

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All About How Guppies Give Birth?

all about how guppies give birth
all about how guppies give birth

How Do Guppies Give Birth? Include: Guppy Birthing Process

The guppies would drop three to two hundred guppies within five to six hours of the guppy birthing process. It may take longer( up to 12 hours) to give birth if the female guppies are stressed.

In most cases, the young fry can not survive and die. The young fry babies are dropped one at a time. They are born in curled positions and soon begin to uncurl and swim rapidly. Healthy fry would swim upwards while the unhealthy ones would sink.

How Long Does Guppies Give Birth?

Guppies are beautiful freshwater tropical fish and are good at breeding. A healthy female guppy would usually drop three to two hundred guppy fry in five to six hours. However, if she gets stressed, the birth-giving process to all the fry would consume a lot of time and take up to 12 hours.

Do Guppies Lay Eggs Or Give Birth?

No, guppies do not lay eggs. They are live breeders, and they give birth to the live, free-swimming, viable babies known as guppy fry

They can give birth to up to 200 guppy fry within a few hours ( in five to six hours) and take up to 12 hours if they are stressed.

What To Do When Guppy About To Give Birth?

Keeping baby guppies with the adults can be dangerous as an adult guppy would feed on the guppy fry.

It would be best to put the pregnant female guppy in a separate tank, which ensures the guppy fry is born in a safe tank environment.

It would be best if you kept an eye on the tank until the pregnant guppy gives birth to their babies.

You can notice the pregnant guppy come at the bottom, her belly would have a boxy appearance, and her color would appear dull.

You must also separate the mother from the baby or start feeding on the guppy fry.

How To Tell When A Guppy Will Give Birth? 

You need to pay close attention to the fish tank to understand when the birth-giving process is about to start. You may notice an expanded and rounded belly in females during their pregnancy, and they would also have larger and darker gravid spots in such situations.

Female guppies would hide behind the plants more often, indicating that they were in labor and would give birth soon. She would also begin to separate herself from other fishes at the time of their pregnancy. If you notice such behavior, you need to place the pregnant guppies in a separate fish tank.

Do Guppies Give Birth At Night?

You can notice that most livebearers give birth to their babies at night, which holds for guppies. You must pay attention to the changes in the female guppies’ behavior and separate them if you notice an expanded belly, lack of activity, and guppies settling down at the bottom of the tank.

Do Guppies Give Birth In The Dark?

Yes, guppies can give birth in the dark, and they usually give birth to up to 200 live, free-swimming guppies within five to six hours.

However, this birth-giving process in guppies might take longer and might take up to twelve hours if the female guppies are stressed and not feeling comfortable.

What Time Of Day Do Guppies Give Birth?

Most guppies usually give birth in the dark at night, and they are relatively easy to breed and can give birth to many young babies within a few hours. You need to look closely at the female guppies and see if anything strange in their behavior and appearance.

All About Guppy Giving Birth In Community Tank

Guppies are pretty easy to care for and breed. When the tank environments are appropriate, they will begin to mate just after being introduced. You can notice a dark spot in their gravid spot and a boxy belly, which means they are about to give birth soon.

You can notice a loss of appetite and lethargy in the pregnant guppies, and they can even be seen hiding and sitting at the bottom of the tank.

The guppy fry born can be in danger as the female guppies can eat them up. Hence it would help to separate the guppy fry when female guppies give birth.

How To Help A Guppy Give Birth?

how to help a guppy give birth
how to help a guppy give birth

It would help to place the pregnant guppy in a separate tank when they give birth to the young babies. You may also attach a breeder net at the corner, which creates a safe environment for the birth-giving process.

You should be very careful and keep an eye on the fish tank. Any change in the female guppy’s appearance and behavior, such as gravel spot turning dark or belly expanding and lack of activity, indicates that she is pregnant, and you must immediately put her in a separate tank.

Also, you must separate the mother guppies from the guppy fry as they do not have any parenting instincts and can quickly eat their babies. You may also choose to introduce live or artificial plants in the tank and form a group of three or four plants to create a hiding place for the safety of guppy fry.

Do Guppies Give Birth All At Once?

Though it may seem that the guppies give birth all at once with a few pauses between baby groups, the guppy fry is typically delivered one at a time. These babies are usually born in curled shapes (which look like small balls), but they uncurl and begin to swim soon.

How Many Fry Do Guppies Have?

In general, guppies would deliver three to two hundred guppy fry within a few hours (at least five to six hours). However, it takes up to twelve hours to deliver babies when stressed. In rare cases, they may deliver only a few babies at a time after several hours or days.

How Many Fry Do Guppies Have At A Time?

Breeding healthy guppies require us to monitor and understand how guppies give birth to their babies without causing any stress to the mother guppies or causing harm to the lives of guppy fry. Guppies usually produce a lot of babies ranging from three to two hundred within four to six hours.

How Often Do Guppies Have Babies?

A guppy usually starts giving birth as it turns 2 to 3 months old. Most female guppies can have babies after every 30 days under ideal conditions (when they are not stressed), with each batch consisting of at least fifteen to fifty guppy fry. This shows how quickly these guppies reproduce.

Do Guppies Eat Their Babies?

Yes, guppies are known to eat their babies. Most guppy owners experience this when they separate the guppy fry in a separate tank. Though they may not feed on every baby, they eat a few of them as there is no parental instinct in these guppies.

Will Guppies Eat All Their Fry?

It is important to note that guppies can start feeding upon their fry if they are not separated from the babies. Though they would not eat all the fry available to them, these adult guppies can undoubtedly eat a few of them if not separated at the appropriate time.

Should I Separate Baby Guppies?

Yes, you should be ready to separate the baby guppies in a separate tank soon after birth, and this is because the mother guppies can start eating their babies immediately after birth. Also, guppy fry needs protection from other fish that can cause severe injury or even eat them up.

Why Are My Guppies Not Giving Birth?

One of the main reasons why the guppies do not give birth to their babies is increased stress levels. Pregnancy can be a matter of stress for many female guppies, and the stress levels are usually high when they are pregnant, and nothing can be done to reverse this situation.

This stress builds up due to improper maintenance of the tank. However, you can take a few steps to make them as comfortable as possible – one of the steps being to keep tank conditions 100% ideal.

Also, while shifting them to another tank, make sure there is no change in water conditions. Overcrowding the tank can also increase the stress levels in pregnant guppies.

Regular water changes are essential even in the breeding tank. It would help if you used a heater and a thermometer to keep the water parameters ideal throughout the breeding process, and it would help if you also eyed pH and hardness levels.

Why Do Guppies Die After Giving Birth?

There are several reasons which can cause death in guppies while giving birth. Guppies should feel comfortable in labor, or some complications (such as the baby getting stuck in the birth cback passage) can kill them.

Pregnant guppies need ideal water temperatures of 71 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If the conditions are ideal, there would be little to no problem. However, in lousy water parameters, the labor complications go up.

Keeping the pregnant guppy in the same tank can also lead to higher stress levels, which can even cause death. Inappropriate water conditions are more likely to increase stress, causing death.


Many factors need to be considered when the guppies are about to give birth. First of all, you may notice that the belly of the pregnant guppy would appear boxy and expand, and her gravid spot gets darker. She becomes inactive and settles at the bottom.

These signs indicate pregnancy, and you should immediately separate the pregnant guppies in a separate tank. This lowers the chances of stress and gives them a safe environment to give birth. Also, you need to maintain the ideal water parameters, or the stress levels can even kill the guppies.

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