Breeder Box For Guppies Full Review in 2022

Though it is relatively easy to breed guppies, it is challenging to ensure that adult guppies do not eat the young fry.

If you have been trying to learn about the breeding process in guppies, you must have realized that it is essential to separate the guppy fry from the adult guppies for their safety and survival.

One of the best ways is to set up a breeding box on the main tank. This box will prevent the entrance of any adult guppies or other fish and will keep the fry protected.

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3 Factors To Consider Before Getting A Breeder Box For Guppy

A breeder box acts as an excellent option for successful guppy breeding. It ensures the safety of baby guppies by separating them from adult guppies or other fishes in the tank.

You can choose to set up this breeding box on the main tank. This box is like a container that allows the free flow of water through the tank.

Most importantly, it keeps the adult fish away from the guppy fry, and after the pregnant guppy gives birth to the fry, she is separated, and the babies stay protected inside the box.

You may be looking for some of the best breeding boxes in the market. Though you may set up a separate tank for the fry, here are a few factors that would determine why it is best to get your hands on a breeding box:

1) Less expensive:

It is affordable to buy a breeding box for guppies as it would not require any additional equipment set up like a filter or a heater.

This not only saves a lot of money but also gives you the best possible way to protect the fry from being eaten by adult guppies or other tank mates.

2) Convenient choice:

Maintaining the correct water parameters of the tank is crucial for the growth and survival of baby guppies. But thanks to the breeding box, you do not have to worry about maintaining the ideal water parameters. This makes the breeding box a more convenient option to raise the guppy fry in a healthy environment.

3) Faster than expectation:

Cycling the new tank properly becomes an essential step in keeping the tank environment ideal for the existence of guppies.

However, you do not have to wait for the cycling of the new aquarium if you buy a breeding box as it is quicker and does not consume a lot of time.

3 Best Breeder Box For Guppies

3 best breeder box for guppies
3 best breeder boxes for guppies

Buying a breeding box is an important step to ensure the security and growth of guppy fry that should not be avoided at any cost. This is primarily because there is a high chance the adult guppies (including the mothers) may start feeding on the guppy fry.

Hence they need to be separated from the adult guppies and kept in a breeding box. This box would potentially prevent the adult guppies from entering and keep them safe.

Once the pregnant guppy gives birth to the young fry, she is separated, and the babies stay safe and healthy in the breeding box.

Here are the three best breeding boxes that can be bought for the guppy fry:

Marina Breeding Box

One of the main reasons behind purchasing a breeding box is that you do not have to invest in equipment like an aquarium filter or a heater. This makes Marina Hang-On Breeding Box a great option in the market.

This breeding box is set up on the outer side of the tank and can be used for multiple purposes, such as an acclimation box, or a breeding box. It can also be used as a tank to separate the fish or shrimp.

It is straightforward to access because it is set up and relatively easy to maintain. On top of that, there is no delay in monitoring the baby guppies.

It can hold up to 0.5 gallons of water ( and you will also get other size variants of this container).

There is consistent water circulation from the main tank to the breeding box, and you may not have to purchase a separate air pump.

( You can get your hands on the Tetra Whisper Air Pump, which will cost you around $10).

It also comes with three partition plates used to create separate compartments in the container.

Pets Island Breeding Box

This breeding box is installed inside the main tank with the help of suction cups included in the kit. This container has slits that allow water free flow and circulation without letting the guppy fry escape. It also comes with a separator that helps create two compartments in the breeding box.

You can easily keep an eye on the fry because of its transparent design. It can also separate aggressive or infected fish from other fishes.

XMHF Hatchery And Breeding Box

If you want to buy an affordable breeding box, this can be a great option.

It comes with a net and a plastic frame and is installed on the aquarium top with the help of suction cups.

However, you need to ensure that the upper part of the net always remains above the water level.

The net allows the water to flow in and out freely and keeps the baby guppies separate from adults. This is also used to isolate aggressive fish.

Can You Breed Guppies In A Breeder Box?

Yes, guppies can be bred in a separate breeding box, and this is by far the best option as it is fast to set up and keeps the water parameters steady for the growth of guppies.

These breeding boxes are also very affordable as you do not have to invest separately in filters or heaters.

How Long Can I Keep Guppy Fish In A Breeder Box?

The mother guppies need to be separated from her tank mates at the time of pregnancy, and this is to ensure the safety of the mother guppies and the guppy fry.

Once the babies are born, extract the mother guppy from the breeding box to ensure the safety of the fry.

How Long Can A Pregnant Guppy Stay In A Breeder Box?

A pregnant guppy should be kept in a breeder box until it gives birth to the baby guppies (fry). The delivery process causes a lot of stress in the pregnant guppy, and she needs a comfortable place. Once she gives birth, she needs to be taken out of the breeding box.

How Do You Use A Guppy Breeder Box?

how do you use a guppy breeder box?
how do you use a guppy breeder box?

You should attach the breeding box to the tank using a hanger or suction cup. You have to insert four suction cups on every corner of the bracket.

After that, insert the clear tab of the breeding box into the frame and lock it by sliding vertically upwards. For the hanger, you must insert the clear tab into any rung of the hanger and slide it upwards. After that, you need to set up the breeding box on one side of the tank wall.

Then put the check valve on the loose end of the airline tube so that its future must face towards the air pump and away from the tank. And locate the air pump in a way to reach the electrical outlet.

After that, you need to place the fry or pregnant guppy inside the breeding box with some live plants and cover the box with the lid.

When To Put Guppy In Breeder Box?

It would help if you separated her immediately in the breeding box whenever you realized that the female guppy was pregnant and about to give birth. This would ensure the safe delivery of babies without causing any injury to them. Also, you can isolate an infected or aggressive fish by putting it in the breeding box.

What To Do When Guppy Stressed In Breeder Box?

The breeding box is primarily used to make the birth-giving process of pregnant guppies more convenient and safe. Because of higher stress levels, pregnant guppies can show signs of inactivity and aggression. This may also lead to several diseases which are neither good for the mother nor the fry.

Pregnant guppies need a safe and calm place to deliver their baby guppies. Keeping them in the main tank with other fish is not a good idea as there are chances that the males may chase and disturb the pregnant guppies.

Hence she needs to be placed in a breeder box. However, if the stress levels increase after putting her in the breeder box, you have to take her out immediately from the container and buy a large-sized separate tank for them. This will certainly lower the stress levels if the ideal water parameters are maintained.

Also, regular cleaning of the tank needs to be done, and you need to make sure that the ammonia and nitrite levels remain low, and the oxygen levels are high. And do not forget to introduce some live plants to the tank. If you take the necessary steps, you will indeed reduce the stress levels of pregnant guppies.


The baby guppies are always at a high risk of being eaten by other fish when the pregnant guppies are not separated from the community tank. Though you can keep her in a separate tank, there is nothing like keeping her in a breeding box. Guppies’ Reproduction is simple to understand.

This is not only an affordable option, but it also ensures the safety of guppy fry without having to invest extra money on filters or other equipment. These breeding boxes allow the free flow of water through the main tank and keep the water parameters and oxygen levels ideal. This keeps the fry safe and healthy.

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