How to Set Up Fancy Guppy Tank?

Setting your fish tank for fancy guppies? Fancy guppy is very hardy, very easy to maintain, so choice of beginners. It’s very exciting to set up your first aquarium or fish tank. One has to learn Ways to set up a fish tank before introducing your guppies into it.

Let’s get a hand on some information. To begin with, here is a list of items you should have to set up a new aquarium.

Article Contents

  • Appropriate size aquarium
  • Aquarium cover
  • Decor
  • Aquarium light
  • Water conditioner
  • Water test kit
  • Thermometer
  • Heater
  • Filter
  • Net
  • Airstone
  • Air Pump
  • Substrate
  • Aquarium salt
  • Flake Food
  • Blood worm
  • Brine shrimp

Optional: breeding tank

Once you are done with your to-do list, you are ready to go set up a guppy tank.

Fancy guppies require less space than other fish i.e. almost 1 inch of fish per gallon of water.

(there are various methods to calculate no of fish per tank) Means you can have more guppies in less space.

But my suggestion is to give more space to your fancy guppy keeps it happy and hence colorful.

Guppies like a little brackish water so add some salt to your tank.

You do not need salinity as much as scat or mono fish, but a little salt will keep your fancy guppies happy.

Beginner’s setup

Rinse the substrate well then add it tank. (if you have purchased ready to add then no problem) Before you pour water into the tank keep all decor you have.

Then add water by tube or watering pipe. Add water conditioners. This will soften water and remove chlorine from water. Let the water sit there for a day or two.

Insert aerating tube and heater into the tank. Install filter and heater. Now you are ready to put your beloved Fancy Guppy into your aquarium.

how to keep fancy guppy


Fancy Guppies are suitable in many community aquariums. Keep them away from fin nippers barbs and gourami.

They are friendy with most of the tetras, (some tetra will trouble them), other livebearers, catfish, rainbow fish.

Even you can add Barbs to this tank provided you add more than 6 barbs. 

Their barbs are busy chasing each other and don’t nip fins. Mostly all guppies are peaceful but they might turn territorial.

To keep good peace in the tank you should keep 2 females guppies per 1 male guppy.


Fancy guppies are peace-loving schooling fish. The suggested number is 5 or more.

Guppy like little brackish water hence maintains proper salinity level in your tank.

They like hard water and salinity up to 150% of normal seawater.

They can not sustain sudden changes in temperatures.

But can live in a wide range of temperature 23°C to 30°C or 73°F to 86°F and prefer 27°C or 82°F.

They can inhabitant all levels of the aquarium. Plants and caves for hideout are a great advantage.

Newly born guppy fry get the advantage of plantations and caves in aquariums.


Guppies can eat a variety of food. They like both live and frozen food. They can eat tubifex bloodworms, baby brine shrimps (live or frozen), tropical flakes, floating food, or sinking food.

As far as feeding is a concern do not worry as they can eat a lot of variety food.

Feed your fancy guppy fish 2 to3 times a day with varying time intervals. e.g. give live food in the morning and flake in noon and bits in the night.


Check temperature, filter, and other equipment daily. Change about 15% water every week or 2 weeks.

Check water condition at least once a week. Gradually add or Replace a guppy into the guppy tank.


Guppies mainly suffer from the following diseases. but there are many other diseases that will be discussed later in detail.

Fin Rot:- Fins appear opaque

Ich:- Fish rubs against a hard surface

Fungus:- bacterial growth on fish body

White spot:- white-colored spots on the body

When you observe your Fancy guppy is ill, immediately take it out from the main tank and put it in a separate tank.

Raise water temperature to 30 °C to 32 °C or 86 °F to 90 °F, add some additional salt, add appropriate medicine brought from the fish store, and add 1 capsule of Terramycin (or equivalent) 200mg per 50 liters.

This is very primary level information about starting your Fancy Guppy aquarium. Keep experimenting as you gain more and more experience. Do take care of all your guppies 🙂

Fancy guppy: Handle and care

These fishes come in many varieties, and most are a pleasure to the eyes. Of course, not all can be kept at home because of acclimatization and the true lovers have to short-list their choices by quite a bit. Fancy Guppy is one of the fine fishes to keep.

Fancy Guppy, a very cute name, belongs to a very cute species of fish. They are very gregarious (they love to live in groups) and can accommodate in all environments, freshwater even brackish.

They have the appearance of being quite busy and very rarely are they found resting in peace for a long period.

Quite notorious by nature, Fancy Guppies love to trim the fins of fellow fishes and play with the additions the owner adds to the aquarium like shells, algae, and barbs.

Can guppy live in an aquarium?

The aquarium is a house to the fishes and necessary care has to be taken before replenishing it with Fancy Guppy. It is advisable to keep the quota per fish of the breed at 3 gallons.

Lack of water may be detrimental to the aquarium’s population as Fancy Guppy has the tendency to turn territorial.

An additionally joined aquarium may also be handed over to them to feel at home. The fries should only be fed brine shrimps till they are no more fries.

Can I add salt to my Guppy fish tank?

Some salt added to the water keeps them conditioned and comfortable with the water content.

Fancy Guppies may be fed flake food randomly with partially freeze-dried stuff.

It should however be kept in mind that the fish finds freeze-dried food indigestible.

Tubifex and bloodworms are other nice tries for the parents and fries.

The parents also have the bizarre option of eating their own fries if the situation demands so.

It is always beneficial to keep an eye on the safety of the fries, at least till they grow big enough to fight for their own existence.

Suitable hiding grounds, barbs, and small dens are very handy in gaining the fries some security.

Fancy Guppy Diseases, Parasites, and cure

Disease, a proximal certainty in the lives of every creature, is a big worry. And care should be taken in this regard.

Since Fancy Guppy is an aquatic animal, and water diseases are quite often very infectious, the affected fishes should at once be separated and put in a fresh medicated tank.

The number of different species should be carefully sieved after checking out that none are natural disease transmitters to the other.

Books and a little expert advice should be checked to back passageyze whether there is an outbreak of any disease.

In summary

One should always be conscious of keeping quality stock. The week ones should be eliminated without hesitation as the result would be the production of stronger breeds.

The quality breed needs an eye to ascertain and here also, experts should be consulted.

The males should ideally be kept with females in a ratio of 2:1 to keep the atmosphere alive.

The females die due to repeated mating attempts if they are one to one in the glasshouse.

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