How To Play With Guppy Fish?

Keeping guppies active and entertained is very important for their health and happiness. And it is no surprise that guppies love to interact with people and play with various toys to keep themselves entertained. You must keep your guppies involved with numerous decorative items and toys. Let’s learn how to play with guppy fish?

The level of entertainment can also be enhanced by controlling the heat and light of the tank. It is also crucial to clean the tank from toxic substances and interact with them regularly. You can also draw on the mirrors of the aquarium, which would keep them hooked on fun and entertainment.

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How To Play With Guppy Fish?

how to play with guppy fish
how to play with guppy fish?

There are many things that you can do to entertain your guppy fish. And believe me, they would love to be considered. There are many ways in which you can play with your guppies.

Introducing A Toy Ball In The Tank

As guppies are calm species, they will not cause any severe damage to the internal tank environment. These fishes need a lot of entertainment to stay active and healthy.

You can choose to add a few items in the tank that will eventually pull their attention. You can immediately introduce a bouncing and colorful ball to uplift their mood.

As these toys are lightweight and small-sized, they are less likely to cause any disturbance to the guppies. They can even sink in the water due to sufficient weight. ( Guppies do not prefer floating balls).

You must soon notice a lot of activity after this addition as guppies would begin to swim more.

However, it is essential to add the ball safely; otherwise, the guppy might get worried and would start to run any which way. This can also cause accidents and injury. Toys like these are specifically designed to entertain the fish.

Adding one to two small balls in the tank would be enough if fewer fish were in the tank.

Bringing The Tank Beside A Mirror

This is one of the easiest ways to play with your guppies. Just bring the mirror in front of the aquarium, and they would instantly come into a playful mood after seeing their reflections.

It is recommended to get a giant mirror, ensuring that the considerations formed on the mirror are clear and prominent. It is an affordable way to play with your guppies as you may already have a mirror at your home. After knowing ways to play with guppy fish, let’s learn how to keep guppies entertained.

How Do You Keep Guppies Entertained?

Guppies love fun and entertainment. You can take many steps to boost their playfulness and keep them entertained in the tank.

The first thing you can do is introduce some suitable tank companions for the guppies. These tank mates would not let the guppies stay upset and lonely. But make sure to choose only the ones compatible with the guppies ( and not the aggressive fish).

You can see a lot of activities in the tank soon after adding the mates of guppy. These active and enthusiastic tank mates would ensure that the guppies would not get bored.

You can also add numerous decorative items such as live or artificial plants to the tank. They are also helpful in changing the habitat of the aquarium.

You can also add a few colorful rocks to make the tank look new. These decorative items keep the guppies busy and entertained most of the time.

However, it would help to avoid sharp edges as they can cause some serious injury to the guppies. It is always better to buy decorative items from a fish store to ensure the safety of the guppies.

Adding drawings is another good way to entertain the guppies. You can make various funny drawings on the aquarium mirror using a non-permanent marker.

That pulls the guppies and other fishes closer to the tank’s walls. This makes them engaged with the owner and gives them the best dose of entertainment.

You can also interact with your guppies by tapping the tank and showing them various playful items. This will surely increase their level of entertainment, and they would respond by swimming.

These are some of the best ways to ensure the constant entertainment and activity of your guppies.

How Do I Make My Guppies Happy?

how do i make my guppies happy
how do i make my guppies happy

If you keep thinking about the health and happiness of your guppies, then this post will help you. Here are a few easy ways that you can take to keep your guppies happy and healthy:

Good-quality And Nutritious Diet

Guppies are omnivorous fish, which means they eat both plant and meat-based foods. Hence you should provide healthy foods to them for their growth and development. Also, it is essential to note that they eat a variety of foods and should never be given the same type of food to eat.

You can mix the fares with all the healthy ingredients to keep them in a happy mood. Various high-quality frozen foods, such as Northfin Food Community Formula Pellet or Omega One Freshwater Flakes, can be given. It is also essential to feed them live foods such as blood worms and brine shrimp once in a while.

Keeping Multiple Guppies

As guppies like to be in groups, you should add more than two guppies in the tank. A 2:1 female to male ratio needs to be maintained to prevent the chances of aggression in the tank.

  1. Maintaining Ideal Water Parameters

Good water quality in the tank reduces the chances of diseases and makes guppies happier and healthier. The temperature needs to be around 71 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH of up to 7. Also, keep an eye on the ammonia levels and keep them as low as possible. (Introducing live plants would also help).

Make More Hiding Places

Sometimes female guppies get chased by the males when kept in the same tank, which can make the females stressed. Hence, it is essential to create some hiding places to help them avoid disturbances. This lowers the stress level in guppies and keeps them happy and safe.

How Do I Know If My Guppy Fish Is Happy? 

Taking care of the health and happiness of your guppies is a priority, and you should take all the necessary steps to keep them entertained and playful inside the tank. Also, make sure they are not stressed or feeling bored. Maintaining the ideal tank conditions would also give them a safe environment to live in and keep them active.

But how do you know if your guppies are happy? You can notice a few signs of guppies that would ensure they are not disturbed or stressed and in a relaxed, cheerful state.

The first sign can be seen in their scales. A happier guppy would be showing brightly-colored and smooth scales without any discoloration. Another sign is that they have no abnormal growths or bumps present on their bodies.

You can also notice their flared-out fins. Another thing that shows your guppies are happy is a lack of bulging or clouding and having regular, clear eyes.

A relaxed guppy would not show any difficulty breathing and would breathe normally. Happier guppies are usually more active and can be seen swimming everywhere in the tank. They would also have a healthy appetite and are less likely to hide.


Guppies cannot live happily without entertainment and interaction. They love to play with many toys and enjoy the presence of decorative items in the tank. Keeping them with other tank mates reduces their chances of getting bored. Also, the addition of live plants or artificial plants suited to guppies makes them more active and joyful.

You can play with these guppies by tapping on the tank wall and showing them various playful items. It would help if you also placed a mirror beside the tank to draw their attention towards their reflections. Adding drawings on the wall is also a great way to entertain the guppies.

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