Guppy Fish Vs Mosquito Fish: Are They The Same?

What’s The Difference Between Mosquito Fish And Guppies?

Guppy Fish and Mosquito Fish differ in size and physical appearance. Guppies are a bit bigger and more appealing than mosquitofish.

Note: Mosquitos are a bit drab (less attractive) in comparison to guppies

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Are mosquito fish and guppies the same?

Actually, Guppy fish and Mosquito fish are not the same. Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) are live-bearing freshwater fish, they are closely related to guppies but they are not Guppies.

Mosquito fish VS guppies Size Difference?

Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) grow to around 1.5 inches long,

Whereas male Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are around 1.25 inches long, females of both species are slightly larger than males. 

Is a Gambusia a guppy?

The female guppy Poecilia reticulata, being a non-native species is usually confused with female Eastern gambusia.

But Gambusia and guppies are different in size, Appearance, and even Genus.

Distinguishing features include:

  • Anal fin in males is not as long as seen in Eastern gambusia fish
  • The anal fin originates directly below the dorsal fin and not from behind

Mosquito Fish are subdivided into 2 Species:

  • Western Mosquito Fish of Gambusia Affinis
  • Eastern Mosquito Fish Gambusia Halbrooki.

Can mosquito fish and guppies live together?

Not all livebearers can crossbreed. As far as I know, we can interbreed guppies, endlers, and mollies. And this is viable as they belong to the same genus, Poecilia.

On the other hand, Mosquito fish are from the gambusia genus, so even if you can get them to breed the offspring is mostly infertile.

Do guppies eat mosquito fish?

Specifically, “mosquito larvae” and mosquito eggs are one of their favorite foods.

Guppies being tropical fish, are able to eat “mosquito larvae” equivalent to their weight every day!

Whether you have a birdbath or pond full of goldfish in your backyard, you still need Guppies.

Mosquito Fish vs Guppy Fish

Will mosquito fish kill guppies?

Since both of these fish belongs to different genus they are not hesitant to attack and eat any fish smaller than the size of what fits their mouth.

These are instances when mosquitofish kill the guppies, even if the involvement of only a few mosquitofish is there.

The results confirm the suspicions of many: that the native eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) provides what scientists call biotic resistance,”.

The ability to resist an invasion/ attack by the native community and collection of species through competition.

Can goldfish live with mosquito fish?

Gambusia affinis usually very well complements ornamental pond fish that include koi, goldfish, and carp, and won’t harm them being tankmates.

Mosquito fish tolerates heat pretty well and can survive high temperatures up to 100° F.

What fish are compatible with mosquito fish?

Mosquitofish are mostly compatible with all varieties of pond fish mentioned below.

  • koi
  • carps
  • goldfish (All Kinds)
  • comets
  • shubunkins
  • fantails

Mosquitofish also very well complements platies, swordtails, and common guppies.

For Further Reading

How fast do mosquito fish reproduce?

Unlike Guppies, The male mosquito fish reaches sexual maturity within 42 to 62 days.

The females, that are born early during the reproductive season can reach sexual maturity prior within 21-28 days or 4 Weeks.

But, Females born later during the reproductive season reach sexual maturity in 6 to 7 months usually in the next season.

How do you keep a mosquito fish alive?

To be precise, Mosquitofish can tolerate water temperatures ranging between 33°F and 104°F but prefer it around 80°F.

Moreover, the Ideal pH value of water for Gambusia with a pH between 6.5 and 8.0.

Keep Garden Insect spray, Chlorine, and other basic yard chemicals out of reach of the water.

Which fish is used to control mosquitoes?

Mosquitofish Gambusia affinis or Topwater minnows are one of the most successful and widely used biological control agents for malaria control programs worldwide.

After Gambusia, The 2nd most widely used in mosquito control is Poecilia reticulata, or the common guppy.

Note: Gambusia affinis and Poecilia reticulata are both widely used species in malaria control programs worldwide

Do you need to feed mosquito fish?+How and When

During warm months of the year, you don’t usually need to feed mosquitofish.

However, you must feed Gambusia if the water source it lives in either has no plant life or pretty little aquatic life.

For Cold, Months feed them with regular fish food flakes usually twice a day, or at regular intervals.

Guppy Fish Vs Mosquito Fish

Guppy Fish Vs Mosquito Fish Comparison video

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