Guppies And Goldfish: Can Guppies Live With Mollies?

Most people love to keep peaceful fish in their fish tanks. It will be good to know that guppies and mollies are very similar. Both of them have a calm temperament, and they are live-bearers which means both of these species can give birth to live and feasible fry.

These similarities make them very compatible with each other.

So, you can surely keep the molly fish and the guppy fish in the same aquarium. Most of the species of guppies and mollies will be compatible with each other. Also, their food can be the same as they mainly feed on vegetable-based foods.

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Can Guppies And Mollies Live Together?

can guppies and mollies live together
can guppies and mollies live together?

Yes, guppies and mollies can coexist in the same aquarium, and there is no danger to keeping them together. As their nature is quite similar (both peaceful and live-bearers), they are highly compatible.

You can choose almost any type of guppy and molly as most breeds can live with each other. You will be happy to know that their diet mainly consists of the same type of food, which means there is no hassle of buying different foods for them.

Both of them primarily feed on vegetable-based foods, and they can eat almost anything you offer them.

They can be given cooked veggies, live foods, and frozen foods like freeze-dried meals and blood worms. It is important to note that you should not overfeed them, and too much food would only pollute the water and worsen their survival.

Feeding them once a day or every alternating day is more than sufficient. Mollies can also help to clear the deposition of algae in the tank as they are algae eaters.

It would help if you used a separate tank or a breeding box to protect the fry.

Slightly salty water to live in would be the best for the guppies and the mollies.

Will Guppies Get Along With Mollies?

Yes, guppies are more likely to get along with mollies. This is because they are very similar and are very calm. Both of them are live-bearers too. There are several types of mollies and guppies, and most species are compatible with one another. Their diet also consists of the same kinds of foods.

They usually eat vegetable-based foods, but they can feed on anything they give.

Also, they can survive in similar water conditions and prefer living in brackish water (with a minimum amount of salt).

How To Take Care Of Guppies And Mollies?

how to take care of guppies and mollies
how to take care of guppies & mollies?

Guppies and mollies can indeed be great companions. Both of them have a very similar temperament, and they are live-breeders. However, some mollies can be seen nipping the fins of guppies. Therefore it is essential to understand how to take care of them before putting them together in the same aquarium.

Guppies are calmer than the mollies. But in some cases, male guppies can become a little aggressive if they cannot see enough females in the tank.

Hence it is essential to keep fewer males and more females. Mollies can also become aggressive when put in an overcrowded aquarium. Both of them have almost similar tank requirements. Make sure the tank is large enough and needs to weigh at least 10 gallons. Also, there needs to be a lot of space inside the tank to hide. Here, You’ll learn all about Ideal Water Parameters for Guppies?

The tank temperature needs to be between 73 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pH levels need to be in the range of 6 to 7.9. As both are omnivores and require almost the same kind of food, they would usually feed on plant-based foods and meat. They must also get live food once a week to get the proper nutrition.

Can Guppies Platies And Mollies Live Together?

Yes! Guppies, platies, and mollies can live together. They all belong to the same family Poeciliidae and are very similar in their behaviour and temperament. But you need to ensure that the tank is suitable for all of them, or problems may arise later.

It would help if you also created an appropriate tank environment by using various tank decorations. Also, make sure that the ammonia, nitrite, and pH levels are optimum.

Can Guppies Mollies And Tetras Live Together?

Yes! Guppies, mollies, and tetras are very calm and friendly and can be kept in the same aquarium. Choosing the right kind of species is vital as the aggressive ones can cause harm to other fish.

However, it is better to get a breeding box to avoid it from getting eaten. Also, make sure to include not more than five fish in a tank weighing at least 10 gallons.

Can Guppies And Mollies Mate?

As guppies & mollies are very similar (and are live-breeders), there can be a chance of crossbreeding. Even the baby fish may try to mate before reaching the age of maturity. As these adults are not fertile, they are less likely to reproduce.

The bad news is that most babies will eventually die soon after birth. Both of these species can carry sperm for a very long time, and they can give birth to the babies several times as they can take the sperm for months.

Can Guppies & Mollies Interbreed?

Yes, guppies and mollies can interbreed as they belong to the same family Poecilia. They also have similar temperaments and are live-breeders. They are also very compatible with each other, and hence they can interbreed with one another.

However, it is essential to note that the baby fry produced will be in danger and are more prone to various ailments. Also, most fry may die soon after they are born, and they won’t be able to reproduce at their age of maturity.

Can Guppies Impregnate Mollies?

Yes! Guppies can surely impregnate mollies as they belong to the same genus Poecilia. They can crossbreed when you have one male guppy and two or three female mollies in the same aquarium. The offspring will be known as Golly (for male guppy and female molly) in such a case.

However, the fry produced will not be healthy and are more likely to get infected by various diseases. They may even die after they are born.

Will Mollies Eat Guppies?

Yes! There is a chance that mollies can feed on the guppies and their fry. Also, you may see some aggression from the mollies as they may try to harm the guppies and nip their long fins.

Mollies can get aggressive when the tank is overcrowded and may target the guppies as they are comparatively more minor with long fins. So, it would help if you kept more females than males in the fish tank.

Will Mollies Attack Guppies?

Yes! Mollies and guppies are very similar in temperament. However, mollies can cause harm to small-sized guppies when they are aggressive. This usually happens when the tank is overcrowded with many males, and Mollies can attack and nip fins of the guppies when they are not in a good mood.

Hence it is always recommended that you should keep more females in the tank than males, which lowers the chances of aggression to a large extent.

Will Mollies School With Guppies?

Yes! Guppies and mollies are very peaceful with almost similar behavior and requirements. They can usually get along with each other. However, in some cases, the mollies may become slightly aggressive and attempt to nip the fins of guppies when they feel disturbed due to overcrowding of the tank.

Hence it is essential to keep more females than males keep guppies and mollies together in the same aquarium.


Guppies and mollies can live together in the same tank. They are also live-breeders and give birth to young fry. Most species of mollies and guppies are compatible with one another.

As both are omnivores, they can feed on the same type of foods. Their diet mainly consists of vegetables, but you can also offer frozen foods, beef hearts, or freeze-dried foods. Overfeeding should be avoided at all costs.

It would be best to put the fry in a separate tank or a breeding box. Brackish water tanks are ideal for both of them. You also need to change the water frequently to keep the nitrate levels low.

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