Are Guppies Aggressive To Other Fish?

Guppies are usually peaceful in temperament, which means they are less likely to create any problems in the tank. However, you may notice occasional fights or aggression, which only happens with other guppy fish of the same species.

But it is important to note that you can never predict the mood and behavior of any animal. Therefore despite having a peaceful disposition, there are chances that they can get aggressive towards other fish in the tank.

If you can notice the damaged fins on your guppies, that is a clear sign that your guppy lost its calm and became aggressive.

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Are Guppies Aggressive?

are guppies aggressive
are guppies aggressive

If you have decided to introduce guppy fish in the community tank, you may be thinking about a lot of questions, one of which being, ” Are guppies aggressive? “

Let us know about their temperament in detail.

Guppies are generally considered peaceful fish, and you can place them in your tank with other fish species (as they are less likely to cause harm or attack other fish) even if you notice some occasional fight that occurs with other guppy breeds. But just like we can not predict the behavior of other animals, we can not be sure if they will remain calm or aggressive in the tank in the long run.

If you keep guppies with bettas or other aggressive fish in the tank, you may notice some damaged fins in your guppies. Also, it may be caused by other guppy members.

You may also notice the hiding of other fish species, and if there are only guppies in the tank with these fish species, there is a higher chance that the guppies are getting aggressive towards them. Guppies may even chase each other to show their dominance. These signs signify that even peaceful fish like guppies can get aggressive in the tank.

Are Male Guppies Aggressive?

Guppies do not have an aggressive nature as they have a calm disposition. However, there are moments when they get aggressive and begin to harm each other. This is most commonly seen in male guppies. When you keep multiple male guppies in the same tank, you may notice a lot of aggression and disturbance going on in the tank.

They may also cause some serious injury to one another. Hence it is better to limit the number of male guppies in the tank and have more female guppies as they are not so aggressive towards each other and are less likely to cause harm.

Are Female Guppies Aggressive?

No, female guppies are not at all aggressive. Though you may not predict the behavior and mood of guppies, it’s the male guppies that are more likely to get aggressive in the tank and may even chase each other to cause injury. However, even female guppies get aggressive when they feel stressed or disturbed, especially during pregnancy.

This disturbance can also be caused by male guppies or other fish species in the tank. Apart from that, female guppies remain calm and friendly with other tank companions, and they might not get involved in a serious fight with other species.

How Do You Stop Guppy Aggression?

how do you stop guppy aggression
how do you stop guppy aggression?

When you notice some aggression or bullying in the tank, you may feel worried. Though guppies are not aggressive, they might become disturbed and show some aggression. But do not worry, as we will show some simple steps that you can take to stop guppy aggression in the tank:

1. Keep more females than males (3:1), reducing the chances of aggression.

2. Do not keep only the male guppies as they may fight with each other.

3. Stop overcrowding the tank and give guppies space to swim freely and stay stress-free.

4. Keep your guppies only with peaceful fish species.

Why Do Guppies Chase Each Other?

Guppies are well-known for their stunning colors and calm disposition. Hence keeping them in the tank grabs a lot of attention. But you may occasionally notice some aggression and bullying in them, and they may even chase each other, causing some serious injury. Let us find out why guppies chase each other in the first place.

There can be various reasons such as lack of food, feeling lonely, overcrowding of the tank, or having more male guppies. Males are more likely to chase female guppies at the time of mating. These male guppies may also chase timid guppies to show their dominance in an attempt to form a hierarchy.

If your guppies stay hungry for a long time, this may create some serious aggression in them, making them chase one another to consume the limited amount of food left in the tank.

Another reason behind their aggression is the lack of sufficient space in the tank. When these guppies do not get enough space to swim freely, they might begin to chase each other out of aggression. And most importantly, keeping more males in the tank would make fighting and chasing each other a common affair (it is recommended to keep more females and limit the number of males). 

Are Guppies Aggressive To Platys?

Though guppies do not necessarily get aggressive, there are moments when the aggression can be seen. But do they get aggressive to platies?

Yes. However, in some cases. They get aggressive and begin to chase platies for mating. This usually happens when there are not enough female guppies in the tank.

And when the stress levels are higher due to inadequate tank environments such as lack of space, poor water quality, lack of food, territorial issues, or overcrowding of the tank, they may get aggressive to platies. However, this is a very uncommon situation and can be prevented if we keep the tank environments ideal for their survival.

Are Guppies Aggressive To Mollies?

Yes, guppies can get aggressive to mollies and might even start chasing them. But does that mean guppies and mollies are not compatible tank mates? Not necessarily.

This aggressive behavior can be seen due to a rise in stress levels because of overcrowding, lack of female guppies, or insufficient food in the tank.

Inadequate water parameters can also cause disturbance in guppies and may make them aggressive towards mollies. Sometimes, the male guppies want to show their dominance in the tank. The problem is rare and can be prevented with adequate tank environments and limiting the number of males.

Are Endler Guppies Aggressive?

No, Endler guppies can not be considered aggressive. They are peaceful and compatible with other fish species. But there can be moments when these guppies might show some aggression.

This can be due to a lack of space in the tank (especially when the tank gets overcrowded), which increases the stress levels and cause aggression.

Are Fancy Guppies Aggressive?

Like any other guppy, fancy guppies are mild guppy strains and are less likely to get aggressive. However, there are certain situations when they might get a little aggressive due to the lack of female guppies in the tank, overcrowding, not getting enough food, or lack of space to swim freely.

Are Pregnant Guppies Aggressive?

Yes, there is a higher chance of aggression in pregnant guppies, and this is because they usually have higher stress levels at the time of pregnancy and do not like any disturbance or crowd at that time. If female guppies do not feel safe, they will become more aggressive.

Are Elephant Ear Guppies Aggressive?

No, elephant ear guppies are not aggressive, and they have a calm temperament and are less likely to attack or cause harm to other guppies or fish species in the tank. However, if they do not get an ideal environment to survive, they may get aggressive due to higher stress levels.

Are Fancy Tail Guppies Aggressive?

No, fancy tail guppies do not have an aggressive disposition, and they are quite friendly and compatible with other peaceful fish. But this does not mean that they might not get aggressive. You need to limit the number of males and keep the tank water conditions ideal to limit the chances of their aggression.

Are Turquoise Guppies Aggressive?

No, turquoise guppies are extremely peaceful guppy breeds, and you are less likely to notice aggression in these guppies. However, in rare cases, they might get aggressive due to various factors such as lack of food, overcrowding of the tank, lack of female guppies, or inappropriate water parameters in the tank.

Are Blue Guppies Aggressive?

Guppies are generally peaceful and less likely to attack. The same is true for blue guppies, and they will not get aggressive unless there is something wrong with their environment. If there are more males than females, or there are lots of fish in a small tank, blue guppies can get aggressive.


Aggression in guppies is very uncommon. These species have a calm disposition and would not harm or attack each other or other tank mates. But there are situations when you can notice some aggression in peaceful fishes like guppies & betta.

There can be many reasons behind this aggression, such as having more males than females, overcrowding of the tank, lack of space, or inadequate water conditions in the tank. Also, male guppies like to show their dominance by chasing or bullying timid guppies and may even cause serious injury to them. Hence it is crucial to lessen the number of male guppies in the tank.

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