17 Red Guppy Names, Appearance & Price

Red guppies are one of the most beautiful looking guppies in the world. They grab people’s attention with their solid red color.

They have relatively large bodies with small fins. There are more than 17 different red guppies, and they are readily available in the market at an affordable price.

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Are Red Guppies Rare?

are red guppies rare
are red guppies rare

Yes, red guppies are rare and are pretty small. Not only do they look unique due to their solid red color, but they also grab people’s attention very well.

They can have different color variations in their bodies with the base of red color, and you can quickly notice their bright red or red-orange eyes.

19 Rare Red Guppy Names

  • Red Dragon Guppy
  • Red Cobra Guppy
  • Red Tuxedo Guppy
  • Full Red Albino Guppy
  • Red Flamingo Guppy
  • Red Mosaic Guppy
  • Red Gold Tuxedo Guppy
  • Red-Tailed Guppy
  • Red Grass Guppy
  • Red Delta Guppy
  • Dumbo Red Tail Guppy
  • Red Picta Guppy
  • Red Lace Guppy
  • Dumbo Red Mosaic Guppy
  • Red Koi Guppy
  • Red Cobra Guppy Female
  • Platinum Red Tail Guppy
  • Red Blonde Guppy
  • Red Endler Guppy

About Red Guppy Appearance & Its Price

about red guppy appearance & its price
about red guppy appearance & its price

Red Dragon Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red Dragon guppy fish are very hardy and beautiful red guppies. They can endure various tank conditions and need at least a 10-gallon tank to live in, and they are also very peaceful.

The Red Dragon males are smaller and brighter than the females and have large tail fins, and females are larger and have a rounded back passage fin. A pair of male and female Red dragon guppies would cost up to $30.

Red Cobra Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Red Cobra Guppy, also known as the Fancy Guppy, is a unique red guppy that has been produced with careful breeding for years.

These guppies look vibrant with their fiery coloration and have an intricate spot that is visually appealing.

You can notice a rosette pattern on their lower bodies with vertical linings. They are very peaceful and hardy. A single red cobra guppy will cost you around $3.

Red Tuxedo Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red Tuxedo guppy fish are peaceful in temperament and have a gorgeous red coloration that looks elegant. They are very hardy and can adapt to various tank conditions.

The male appears elegant with rich red color on the tail and dorsal fin. Their front half has a silvery iridescent coloration on their belly and head. They are relatively easy to breed. A pair of Red Tuxedo guppies would cost $3 to $5.

Red Flamingo Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Red Flamingo guppy is a brightly-colored species with striking orange-red coloration. This is one of the highly preferred colored species for many hobbyists.

They have a contrasting white belly against the red-colored body. These guppies have a calm temperament and are very hardy.

A 10-gallon tank is needed for their survival. Red Flamingo guppies are an excellent option for beginners. A pair of Red Flamingo guppies can be bought at $4.

Red Mosaic Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Red Mosaic guppies have a vibrant and beautiful look and can be a great addition to your aquarium. The bright red color on their bodies looks bubbly and energetic and can give an exotic look to your tank.

Red Mosaic guppies are very popular and hardy, and the males are smaller and brighter than the females. You can expect to buy a pair of these guppies within a range of $3.

Full Red Albino Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Full Red Albino guppy is a new color variant of guppies that is recently becoming popular. You can notice a solid red coloration around their bodies, especially males.

Females are not as brightly colored as males, and they have longer dorsal fins and tails, making them look even more elegant. It has red eyes because of albino genetics. A pair of these species can cost up to $30. 

Red Gold Tuxedo Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red Gold Tuxedo guppies have been one of the most extensively bred guppies for the past few years. They get a clean red appearance after getting the black melanin removed.

They appear elegant with a shiny golden and orange-red coloration and appear elongated and slender and have longer tail fins. The males can have a maximum length of up to 5 cm. A pair of these would cost up to $4.

Red-Tailed Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red-Tailed guppies are another beautiful species that can quickly grab the attention of many hobbyists. They have a calm temperament and can adapt to various tank conditions. They usually have a cold steel blue or white body with a bright red tail.

These guppies are true albinos and can easily enhance the appearance of your tank. They have a reddish dorsal fin. A pair of these guppies can be bought for around $3.

Red Grass Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red Grass guppies are another unique guppies species produced by selective breeding. These guppies have a red lace pattern over their fins, and they have a striking red appearance that makes them stand out.

Their vivid colors make the tank look attractive. The water temperatures of 71 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for survival. A pair of red grass guppies costs around $2 only.

Red Delta Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red delta guppies, also known as red fire guppies, are another rare and widespread species of guppies.

They have a bright red solid tail, and their bodies can have a silver, black, or blue coloration, but their tails always have a great bright red color.

Females are dull and have a slight red coloration in their tails. A pair of brightly-colored Red Delta guppies can easily cost you up to $8.

Dumbo Red Tail Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Dumbo Red-Tailed guppies are another colorful variety of guppies with huge pectoral fins that almost look like elephant ears. The males usually have a platinum body with a vivid bright red caudal fin.

Females are as colorful and vibrant as males. They are scarce and popular among fish hobbyists. They are also very affordable, and a pair of these species would not cost you more than $3.

Red Picta Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Red Picta guppies are another popular guppy species among fish hobbyists. They usually dwell in mildly brackish water and bright red to orange body color. Their bodies also have black markings, which makes them look distinct.

Males are slender and brighter than females with a green or silver base color and yellow, black, and blue markings. They can be a little expensive and can cost up to $150.

Red Lace Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red Lace guppies are gorgeous species of guppies. They have a bright red-colored body with lace-like delicate patterns all over their bodies and also have a fan-shaped tail.

They are calm and less likely to get aggressive. These guppies are adaptive to various water conditions and need a 10-gallon tank to live in. These Red Lace guppies are very affordable, and one can buy a pair at a price of up to $3.

Dumbo Red Mosaic Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Dumbo Red Mosaic guppies have a brightly colored, beautiful appearance in males and females. Their pectoral fins look like the ears of an elephant. They usually eat high-quality pellets, flake foods, and blood worms.

You can also notice some vibrant multi-colored markings on their bodies. They have a calm disposition and have substantial pectoral fins. These guppies are highly affordable and are easily accessible for $2.

Red Koi Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Red Koi guppies are vibrant-colored guppies, and the males have a bright red-orange appearance on their faces, tail fins, and dorsal fins. They have black to dark blue body colors which look punchy and contrasting.

They are peaceful and can be a good tank mate for other species and can be easily bred and require a large tank (up to 10 gallons). A pair can cost up to $15.

Platinum Red Tail Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Platinum Red Tail Guppies have a beautiful appearance and can be an excellent choice for many fish breeders. They have a metallic gold or shiny white look and a red cast.

They have extra-large red-colored pectoral fins and a punchy red caudal fin. Both males and females have a brighter and more elegant look. Platinum Red Tail Guppies are available at a reasonable price of up to $3 per pair.

Red Cobra Guppy Female Appearance & Its Price

Despite being less colorful than the males, the female red cobra guppies still look vibrant and elegant. These fancy guppies have snake-like skin with spotted patterns all over its body.

They are very adaptable to various water conditions, and the females are larger than the males. These guppies have unique color variations which are not seen in other species. A female red cobra guppy can be bought for up to $4.

Red Blonde Guppy Appearance & Its Price

Red Blonde guppies are unique and vibrant-looking guppies. They have elegant shades of orange, red, yellow, and pink coloration and have shimmering metallic overtones.

They are well-known for their three-part color appearance as they have distinct colors for their torso, head, and tail.

Red blondes can be an excellent choice for beginner fish hobbyists. Buying a pair of Red Blonde guppies would be affordable and cost you up to $5.

Red Endler Guppy Appearance & Its Price

The Red Endler guppies are incredibly vibrant and colorful fish with a peaceful temperament. They are small-sized guppies and have blue and red highlights on a red base, making them exceptionally unique and rare.

They are somewhat similar to common guppies and are highly active, and it is best to keep them in groups. A pair of Red Endler guppies can be purchased at a price of up to $20.

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