12 Best Golden Guppy Breeds, Price & More

Golden guppy is a beautiful Fish, genetic blond guppy variety has more than 25% gold coloration over their bodies. The body colors of these guppies resemble that of a golden metallic ring. It is the Metal Gold gene that makes them look golden. You can notice a more intense gold coloration on homogeneous Mg guppies.

The additional gene of Moscow Blue and Half Black can spread the gold color all over their bodies. Introducing freshwater plants can make them happier in tanks. They have a calm disposition and are very hardy. These guppies can survive up to 2 years in the tank.

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12 Best Golden Guppy Breeds & Names

12 best golden guppy breeds & names
12 best golden guppy breeds & names
  • Golden Black Lace Guppy
  • Golden Cobra Guppy
  • Gold Snakeskin Guppy
  • Golden Phoenix Guppy
  • Golden Red Guppy
  • Metal Golden Dragon Guppy
  • Golden Lace Top Sword Guppy
  • Golden Koi Guppy
  • Guppy Albino Gold
  • Golden Endler Guppy
  • The Golden Flamingo Guppy
  • Golden Red Tail Guppy

All About Golden Guppy Price & Appearance

all about golden guppy price & appearance
all about golden guppy price & appearance

Golden Black Lace Guppy

Golden Black Lace guppies are unique and colorful guppy strains. These guppies have a black-colored appearance with stunning golden highlights and have multicolored lace tails.

These guppies are calm and hence can be kept with other tank mates, and they are also adaptable to various water parameters and very friendly and active. A pair of golden black lace guppies can be bought for a price of $3 on getyourpet.com.

Golden Cobra Guppy

Golden Cobra guppies are elegant color variations of common guppies, and they boast a stunning golden-colored body with cobra-like patches that make them look very beautiful and unique.

These guppies can be a great tank addition and are encouraged by most fish aquarists, and they require a minimum tank size of 10 gallons for their survival. A pair of golden cobra guppies can be bought online for $4 from sites like liveaquaria.com.

Golden Phoenix Guppy

Golden Phoenix guppies top the list when it comes to appearance and uniqueness. These guppy variants are a result of careful and selective breeding.

They boast a beautiful golden body with reddish-yellow patterns on their tail fins and have black eyes. Their appearance is similar to a Phoenix bird, hence the name Golden Phoenix. A pair of Golden Phoenix guppies can be purchased at a minimum of $3 from himadriaquatics.com.

Gold Snakeskin Guppy

Gold Snakeskin guppies are very classy guppy strains of common guppies. These guppies grab a lot of attention and are an ideal choice for many fish hobbyists.

They usually boast a punchy and vivid gold coloration and have intricate snakeskin patterns all over their bodies, and they also have a long, flowing tail fin. A pair of gold snakeskin guppies can easily be bought online for $4 from sites like geturpet.com.

Golden Red Guppy

Golden Red guppies have a beautiful appearance and are some of the most well-known guppy breeds. These guppies feature a vivid golden coloration on their bodies with highlights of bright-red coloration on their tail fins and dorsal fins.

Males are smaller and can grow up to 2 inches, and females are not so colorful and have smaller fins. A pair of golden-red guppies will not cost you more than $4 on sites like fisheshop.com.

Albino Gold Guppy

Albino Gold Guppies are unique-looking varieties of common guppies. They have a striking golden appearance with reflective blue-colored sheens and have white-colored tail fins. As they are albino fish, they also have bright red eyes, making them even more beautiful.

These guppies are not aggressive and are compatible with almost all peaceful fish species. A pair of albino gold guppies can be purchased for a maximum price of $13 on aquariumfishonline.com.

Metal Golden Dragon Guppy

Metal Golden Dragon guppies are gorgeous guppy fish variants that are getting popular day by day. These guppies have a beautiful metallic golden appearance with orange, yellow, red, violet, and blue highlights.

They are known as dragon guppies because of their fearless ability to jump out of their tanks. Males and females are equally colorful and elegant. A pair of these guppies can be bought for $4 on sites like an aqua store.

Golden Lace Top Sword Guppy

Golden Lace Top Sword guppies are unique guppy strains developed through selective breeding. These guppies have a stunning golden coloration on their bodies with a very distinct sword-like extension on their tails.

These guppies add beauty and charm to the tanks they are in. They are also very peaceful and can be kept with other peaceful fish. A pair of these guppy varieties can cost up to $4 on sites like himadriaquatics.com.

Golden Koi Guppy

Golden Koi guppies are some of the very popular and wonderful guppy variants of the common guppies. These guppies are known to add color and glamour to the tanks, and they almost look like koi guppies and koi goldfish.

They also feature a golden-colored body with reddish-orange highlights on their heads and tail fins. A pair of golden koi guppies can cost you up to $15 if you purchase them online from sites like indiamart.com.

Golden Endler Guppy

Golden Endler guppies are very beautiful and colorful guppy variants. They are smaller, making them the best fit for most nano aquariums. They are very rare to be found in the market.

These guppies can grow up to 4cm. They usually have a golden-colored body with vivid black, neon blue, or orange colors. A pair of Golden Endler guppies can be bought online for a price of $3 on sites like bunnycart.com.

Golden Flamingo Guppy

Golden Flamingo guppies are new guppy variants and are recently gaining more popularity. These guppies appear stunning with bright golden bodies on the anterior side and have flamingo-red dorsal fins and caudal fins on the posterior side.

They can easily become a center of attraction for many hobbyists for their stunning appearance. A pair of golden flamingo guppies are quite affordable and can be bought for $4 on sites like himadriaquatics.com.

Golden Red Tail Guppy

Golden red tail guppies are the most demanding and brightly-colored guppy breeds. These guppies have a vivid and bright-colored caudal fin with a beautiful golden appearance.

The females of these variants are also very colorful and stunning. They love to stay on the upper part of the tank and are very active swimmers. A pair of golden, red tail guppies can be purchased online for $5 on sites like dumbocart.com.

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